Apr. 13th, 2019 02:36 pm
I saw a spider today. I was crawling around among the snow and last year's grass on the meadow. I have no idea if its really time for it, but maybe it was just making an early start.
The creature that skipped across our road about five metres fram the car yesterday looked like a cat. I'm not going to bet a fortune that it wasn't just that: a large cat, with yellow-brownish fur and no tail to speak of. There are cats like that. But I keep telling people that I saw a lynx. Two hundred metres from the house.
This seems to be the time of the year when small blessings make themselves known.

There's hardly a day when M or I don't say to one another: "Look, it's five o'clock, and it's not quite dark yet! Isn't that marvellous?" or something similar.

This may be what happens when you live in a place where the light doesn't creep up on you, but rather comes stomping and yelling. At the moment, the day increases by forty minutes in a week. It will be more, as we approach the Equinox.

Another very pleasant thing is that the amount of snow is just right: it's a little over knee deep in undisturbed places, and I try to keep paths open across the meadows.
When the cat's away, the rats dance on the table


Dec. 8th, 2018 08:52 pm
It's late, and I don't feel like going to bed.

I'm calmer than I have been in weeks... the fact that I can sit here and write about nothing in particular is one sign of that.

M is asleep by now; Loffe and Byzans appear to have joined him (unless they have found sleep spots downstairs).

The computer wants to close down, and I really should sleep too -- church service with the chamber choir tomorrow. But it's nice, just sitting here alone.

I have always enjoyed nights.
... when we sing about Christmas.

Choir leader T said: You (Haverökören) will do the funny stuff, Kammarkören will do the boring stuff (or perhaps not so boring), and the children's choirs will do the cute stuff.

Is he saying I'm both funny and boring? Or that I don't make any difference?
I need to remember to bring the secateurs when I go for a walk tomorrow. There's a pine across the path, but it shoud be manageable if I cut off some of the branches. It will be harder the more winter we get,though.
I have made a sourdough!

I don't know if it works yet, but it looks ok.
The one checking out our house today was a green woodpecker. I don't think I have ever seen one before.

Edit: Having checked wikipedia, I have found that it normally doesn't come as far north/inland as this. So now I'm extra pleased.
Byzans has found a new restplace on a kitchen chair. I think she enjoys being close, should Treats appear.
We have *two* woodpeckers this year. What fun!
Had a plumber today. He was phoneless, so his colleagues had to call me when they wanted to speak to him.

It turned out that servicing the heat pump involved climbing it to look for important information that was printed on top of it. I suggested that was for the customer's amusement, which he confirmed.
... and the stove passed its examination. It took some time, mostly because I have been scratching my head over various paperwork. But it's (mostly) finished now, and the stove will do its share to keep us warm and cosy when winter comes.
M and I are back from our summer vacation in Skåne, and we're back to autumn. Given how hot this summer was (and the forest fires not far from here), that is a little odd.

The air is actually quite pleasant, but you need an extra shirt. The trees are green, with a little yellow.

The cats have been de-wormed.


Aug. 19th, 2018 08:10 pm
There's a giant bag of cans and bottles in the kitchen, and every time I go to the store, I forget it. I really should take it this week, because on Saturday we go off on vacation.
There was some very nice-looking chard in the garden. M and I had some in a stew last week.

Then there was a family of beautiful deer (they are really gorgeous).

Now there's only the carrots.
The ad for Sverigedemokraterna at the roadside is gone -- again. I don't know if it blew away, or was damaged in the storms, or something. It is possible that someone took it.

In a very general sense, I disapprove of tearing down political advertisement (most advertisement, actually). People have a right to express their opinions. The rest of us have a right to find those revolting and unworthy of our attention. And yes, that is an important part of it.

That said, I really admire those who are willing to look into for example Sverigedemokraterna, find out what they do, what they say, and think about how to counter them. I just get depressed when I hear them.

Meanwhile. it appears that one fifth of the Swedish voters are willing to vote for them.

Edit: ... and it's back,
I get a very odd kind of mixed feelings, when I see Loffe put his front paws protectively around the mouse he's playing with.
There are forest fires going on all over Sweden, including within an hour from where we are. We sometimes smell it.

At first it was frightening, but... I suppose it doesn't work to be afraid when nothing happens. So far we're safe. Many others are less so. We try not to do anything dangerous. Should anything happen, we'll have to reconsider the fear.
Ok, now you guys have made me try new ways of speaking.

How do you sing under your breath?


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