This morning I dropped the bucket of cat food with the lid partially off. I spent some time rescuing the pieces, but of course I couldn't get everything.

Guess who didn't care for a walk a while later.


Oct. 8th, 2017 08:32 pm
I think we have had our first hint of frost. It was yesterday morning, when I let the cat's out, that I noticed a cold I haven't felt for some time. The real frost, when things actually freeze, should be here any night now.
I have taken on an interesting task -- to pay the bills for Ånge's theatre club. So far I've had to call a contractor about an incomplete clearing number, and resend a payment that had bounced. And there were a couple that will hopefully go through, the first of them tomorrow.

It might be fun. I don't *think* it will take too much of my time.
I just made a cup of tea that tasted like perfume. I have made that particular sort before, and it wasn't like that, but it seems that my sense of taste varies a little. I'll try it again in a couple of days.
At some point I downloaded a book with historical Swedish statistics. I'm not sure when, or from where -- I was probably curious about something. I found it the other day, and started to look through the tables.

The particular statistic that caught my interest was the fact that there were so many more "formerly married" women than men: in the late eighteenth century about three times as many, and later on, mid-twentieth century, about twice as many (I think divorces are becoming more common). I find this to be a lot.

I can see two possible explanations. One is that men are more likely to die. Which they are, if they are older, or if they do things that cause dying. Fight in wars, say, or have occupations where accidents happen. Or bear children, which they actually don't do, much. Some other tables confirm the age difference. It doesn't look that much, though, two-three years on average (no standard deviations). We should keep in mind that this is (mostly) a time when the population pyramid is an actual pyramid, so generally, the older spouse isn't necessarily the one who dies first.

Looking around a little more, I found another table showing women to be more likely to marry young, and men to marry old. This goes for first marriage, and the cut-off age seems to be twenty-five. This takes me to the other possibility: that men may have been more likely to re-marry. I can't find this information anywhere, so I don't know if it is so.

I may have to read the book again.
I like being snacklistmaker for the choir. I get to mix people and dates around, I get to decide who goes where, I get to latex the list and print it. It's fun.

Then I get to do it again, because no one* bothered telling me which dates didn't work for them.

*Actually, someone did bother, but I never got her sms. Weird. And annoying.
Jigsaw puzzles are an amazing pastime. The hours just tick by. Then I find I have forgotten about everything else I was going to do.

I bought two when M and I were at Göksäter. I have done both, and so far not lost any pieces, although Byzans was very interested.
M and I took a boat trip on Revsundssjön. There is a nice little steam boat called Alma, that sets out from Stavre every Sunday during the summer, and you can go down and see how the engine works if you like (we did). Yesterday's trip had about ten passengers, which included two musicians, who played... the usual stuff.

I found my glasses to be a little unreliable -- they kept seeing islands where there weren't any. I'm not sure if it was the movement, or all those trees growing almost in the water, or something else.

I asked M if that is where he goes sailing, but he said he usually stay further east.
M and I came back from Bohuslän a few days ago, and now we have picked up the cats from the hotel. It seems they had a nice time there. We were told that Loffe always knew when breakfast time was, and that Byzans put the snotty Persian in her place. Good for her, I suppose.
My neighbour came and told me he had had to take away** his dog. That was a lovely dog: big and friendly, always following him around. She had been ill for a time, a tumour, and possibly some other age-related things, and at last she couldn't get up, and wouldn't eat, so it was time.

The day after, he told me, he'd had a visit -- from Loffe, who had come up to his house, and even entered it, for the first time ever. "Do you think he could tell so soon that the dog was gone?", he asked me. I said: "Quite likely".

**Ta bort -- that's how they say it around here
We're going south next weekend. First Lund/Landskrona, then Nösund, then back home, together with M(um). My mental processes seem to be on their way already, because they have started to flag home things -- like cleaning -- as unimportant. But I did some laundry and some putting stuff away anyway.
The Swedish Transport Authority has been sending classified information to non-security-checked persons and enterprises abroad. I find this so odd. It wasn't even an isolated mistake. They have treated their database as one might fake data.

It seems that at one point a list of everyone in Sweden with a protected identity was sent out for marketing purposes.
I went to see a musical in Erikslund yesterday. This is an ensemble that does a lot of amateur theatre in various places around here. M worked with the stage lighting, so he fixed a ticket for me.

I would like to say that I liked it, but I really didn't. Perhaps I have the wrong kind of humour? There was some humour, but it wasn't really that funny (in my opinion). There wasn't much plot to speak of. There was decent music, but not quite my style. The script was made to fit the songs, rather than the other way around, and that usually leads to problems.

But I spoke to some people who apparently did enjoy it, so maybe it's just me.
Honey and lemon in hot water is actually very nice when you have a cough. And M makes the mix just right (I'm not sure what he does).


Jul. 4th, 2017 11:18 pm
Today I counted six little tomatoes on one bush, and five on the other, one a couple of centimetres across. All are an even pale green. I also have peas and beans and chard and tiny onions.

Next year, I may try to put up some strings in the greenhouse, for the beans and the tomatoes to climb on.


Jul. 1st, 2017 08:12 pm
Yesterday was interesting. There was another visit at the archery club, this time by some refugee boys. There were three groups of eight boys each, and since it's high summer, we could do it outdoors.

I have done this before, with groups of different ages, from about ten and upwards. These were in their late teens, so I expected them to be, well, easy. I suppose I should have considered the fact that their backgrounds and experiences were very different from the ones ordinary Swedish kids have.

They were all nice and funny boys. They mostly spoke Swedish well enough to communicate, although one or two seemed to prefer English. They didn't seem to remember much of what I said. I found that if I yelled hard enough, they would listen, but I had to do it again a while later. At one point I stood in front of them all, pointing out that there were people (me, that is) in front of the shooting line, and what does that mean? That's right, put your arrows back in the quivers. Everyone. You too. Great, thank you!

But it seems that they enjoyed it. I spoke a woman who took care of them afterwards, and she said that they had been enthusiastic. She also gave me a little present: a package of coconut/chocolate candy. I was actually touched!

In the evening there was the usual practice, with two calm and collected ten-year-olds.
Shame on me.

I forgot to give Loffe and Byzans their dinner. M came home late, and let them both in. He said Loffe looked very worried. "What if Matte gives us dinner and I'm not there?"

Well, I didn't...

The Fair

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:06 pm
The Medieval Fair in Kälen was a nice event this year too. I bought a bar of soap. M bought a woodpecker to put on the door (it's very funny). The Archery Club earned about 300 Crowns, which covers lost arrows, with a little to spare.

I think I see more and more beautiful clothes every year. Someone really enjoys making them.
I just ate way too much ice-cream. It is actually possible.

Tomorrow is archery at the medieval fair in Kälen. I still don't have a costume, but I have had my sewing machine repaired, so perhaps next year. (I assure you, it's a medieval sewing machine)

I have a terrible cough. It's showing signs of last stage, but that still usually lasts a couple of weeks.
M bought me a present: a template for writing notes. I admit that I usually use software for music, but it might be fun to learn to do it by hand. What I need now is a way to create staves of the correct size... The template is only one size, and it's not quite right.


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