I'm sitting here, with a Danish dictionary, trying to figure out how to pronounce a couple of songs.

Part of the problem is that Danish, like every other language, has different ways to pronounce certain words. Another part of it is that singing doesn't necessarily use the most common one. I have to guess. My dictionary (first edition in 1980) helpfully tells me that some pronunciation is *högt*, that is "solemn" or "very formal". But are those in use in song? I have no idea.

I suspect it's safest to use the first, probably most common one.

Old or not, it's actually a good dictionary. I'm happy to have spent money on it.
309 words.

That's not quite what Novel-In-90 requires, but I have to start somewhere. I suppose I should be happy if I manage 375 words a day, but I'll try not to aim to low. I have done four or five hundred a day before, more than that on a few occasions.

This time I'll try to concentrate on getting information into words. Not so much 'What are they saying?' as 'What are they talking about?' And I need to worldbuild my spaceship.

I'm a little embarrassed: I just had to look up how to spell 'occasion'. It still looks wrong though. It happens now and then. I think it is because the scaffolding I use when I think in English is shifting.

*Curses politely* Why doesn't this bloody thing crosspost? Something wrong with my keyboard?


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