We watched TV about camels.

Now I'm wondering if a couple of camels wouldn't enhance the experience of living here in Norrland. Camels and geese. What do you think?

Admittedly, animals would more or less tie us down, so we'd have to wait until our families follow us here...


Aug. 11th, 2016 07:35 pm
Today I was driven off by a flock of sheep. I was really just walking past them, and usually they stay where they are, and at most look at me. I don't know if they were closer to the path, or something, this time.

At first they looked. Then they määed. Then every single one rose and started to follow me. While määing. I'm not sure if they were just being friendly. I kept explaining that I was just passing by. Perhaps I should try stopping and petting them next time?

A foot

May. 13th, 2016 08:57 pm
Someone's dropped their foot on the footpath along the Boltjärn canal. I know very little about different kinds of feet, but since it looks to big for a deer, I'm going to guess elk.

I wonder where the rest went.

There was a time when I thought seeing large parts of dead animals lying around would be very frightening and disturbing. Then we moved here, and I found that you get used to it.
Next winter, we will have to find a new place to feed the birds. Byzans has figured out how to climb the balcony from outside.
Yesterday didn't start well. I expected breakfast at the usual hour, Matte put some down for Byzans, and then she took me into the bathroom. I had to wait until she finished her shower, before I could get out. At that point, Byzans had finished her food.

I didn't get to take my walk either, and I got no comebackin treats. Eventually, Matte took a cage and put me inside it. Then I heard her give Byzans more food!

So, was this the vet? Sometomes vets say you can't have any food. Matte eats anyway, of course.

It turned out I was right. It was the vet, and it was a long trip, as it usually is. The first thing we met on arrival was a big nasty dog, but Matte took me to a different spot without dogs, to wait.

The examination room was nice. There was a window in one end, but the windowsill was too narrow to sit on. I tried the window in the other end instead, but I couldn't look out of it. Before i had found anything else to look out of, the nurse arrived. She actually put a stick up my behind! I told her I don't do that kind of thing, but she didn't listen.

I must have gained rank, because I got two vets this time. They took a very long time to prod my head, my tummy and my tail, and finished by splashing something in my eye. The nurse came back, and splashed some more. The last splash wasn't so bad, I suppose...

It was after that the real humiliation started. The nurse took off the the fur on a part of my tail! Now I have a ridiculous little rat tail, with a tiny tuft at the end. I would have left there and then, if Matte hadn't been holding me. I have told her that I don't like being held, but she forgets sometimes.

The vet prodded some more, and the nurse soaked my tail. Then it sounded like we were finally going home, but no, not until they had put a lamp on my head. It almost didn't fit in the cage. I finally managed to take it off, but Matte put it back as soon as we were home.

I don't know when I will be able to show myself outside. Not with the lamp, that's obvious. The bullfinches won't let me hear the end of it. I wonder what the mice will say about the tail?
I have been wondering what it is that screeches around our house. It sounds like a cat.

Apparently it's a guy like this one!

I have seen it before, but now it seems to be nesting in a tree nearby.
There were a couple of beginners at the archery practice tonight, and I think I have taken the first few steps towards instructing somebody. M also instructed me a little, pointing out that the right way to aim is to keep your arm and upper body still, and move at the waist. This is fascinating.

There were no cannons, since we moved indoors some weeks ago, but we did put up a picture of a deer.
Someone has dropped a considerable amount of grey feathers outside our front door.


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