I have ordered some new crossword magazines. I was getting tired of the old ones. (But I still find new things in them, occasionally, after a couple of years. So I consider them very good)

I have finally started to use the greenhouse.

I have prepared a bit of the plot for chard and beets. It turned out I had no seeds for carrots or onions though. but that can be fixed.

I have instructed seven enthusiastic kids in archery. By myself. Well, there were a couple of parents.

I have written a little...
281 yesterday.

Today I called Sunday, and just tried to sum up what I need for the first part in the hope that I'll actually be able to put it together. There is a very important event early in the story, so it's everything before that.
I'm being picky with my writing.

Sometimes being slightly busy helps, sometimes it doesn't. This time all the important singing around Easter made it ebb out almost completely. Anyway: 186 words today. More tomorrow, I really hope.

Edit: Heh. look at the id of this (dw) post...
I'm about to start a rewrite of Sedrion. Today I read a couple of scenes that I wrote around Christmas, and it struck me that the quality seems much better than what I have written in the last few weeks. Now I must remember that I haven't reread those sce4nes yet, and they might surprise me, but the feeling I have is that they are much less coherent.

Now I wonder: will this discrepancy make the rewrite easier or harder?

A scene

Jan. 14th, 2017 07:18 pm
During the last few days, I have painstakingly put together a scene of about 1500 words. I'm quite pleased with the length -- I have far too many scenes that end after a couple of hundred words. I still think it needs more work, especially the last two paragraphs, but it does approximately what I intended. The characters mostly stand around talking, but their circumstances change, and they made them change.

Now I have to make up my mind about the next scene.


Oct. 7th, 2016 09:08 pm
I'm working on Blood Magic again. And perhaps the still unnamed space opera. And there may be a story about a theatre somewhere.

The hard thing seems to be to collect myself to sit down and write -- the writing itself comes easily at the moment. We have bought me a laptop. I'm finding out how to use it.
And it took hours before I realised how strange it sounded.

I have never before seen the river run this close to the bridge

I wonder what the bridge was for?


Mar. 20th, 2016 09:03 pm
I write a little most days. Today it's 55 words so far. I'd like a hundred if I can manage.

I had a weird experience this morning. I went to church for a choir performance, As we left, the temperature was one degree Celsius. A little on the way I had to turn back, because I had forgotten my very important choir scarf. So i went back inside, grabbed the scarf, and hurried back into the car. As I steered along our little road, I noticed that the temperature was minus three.

That doesn't usually happen in the midmorning.

One of my choir mates said: "Oh, it's probably the Apocalypse."


Sep. 10th, 2015 09:31 pm
I'm writing a bizarre little story about sheep. Sometimes it's good to take oneself not very seriously.

At least they are smart sheep. Australian, actually.


Aug. 2nd, 2015 09:23 pm
It's a new month and I'm trying to post regularly. I works so-so -- my brain seems lazy at the moment.

I try to write regularly too, and I actually managed about 300 words today on a little nonsense story. I'll see if I can finish it tomorrow. It's time for bed now.
Writing takes its toll. You don't have to do a full nano to start making peculiar mistakes -- I struggle daily with the 750 words required for novel-in-90.

Today I intended to write 'handtag' (handle), and instead found myself having written 'handfat' (basin, sink). Easily fixed, of course. Then I started to ponder the worldbuilding possibilities.

The door had no basin... M offered some assistance, and together we arrived at a society where you have to wash your hands every time you go though a door. The handles are actually *in* the basin. There are two of them, far enough apart so that you can't turn them both with one hand. And they don't work unless there's water and soap in the basin.

Now, throw some multi-limbed aliens into this world.
309 words.

That's not quite what Novel-In-90 requires, but I have to start somewhere. I suppose I should be happy if I manage 375 words a day, but I'll try not to aim to low. I have done four or five hundred a day before, more than that on a few occasions.

This time I'll try to concentrate on getting information into words. Not so much 'What are they saying?' as 'What are they talking about?' And I need to worldbuild my spaceship.

I'm a little embarrassed: I just had to look up how to spell 'occasion'. It still looks wrong though. It happens now and then. I think it is because the scaffolding I use when I think in English is shifting.

*Curses politely* Why doesn't this bloody thing crosspost? Something wrong with my keyboard?
Informal update:

I have written a total of twelve words (in English) of Blood Magic.

Considering how quickly my attempts to write regularly have failed in the past two years, I'm going to set a very modest goal: I will look at the story every day. If I feel like it, I will also write. If I don't like what I wrote yesterday, I will remove it (or rewrite it).

In other news I have also typeset some music: a couple of bars of a song we sing in the choir, and which I have attempted to make a choir arrangement of.
I have plenty of things to post about, really. For example...


They are feeding on the balcony right now (No, not 'feeding on the balcony', actually they're feeding on sunflower seeds).


I'm stuck at an action scene. Nuff said for now.

The new house

Yes, there is one. It's only a kilometre up the road, so moving will be relatively uncomplicated.

Mips the cat

Of course I can talk about Mips, I always can.
Tonight I happened to recall a song (by Povel Ramel) about a man who has been writing the same song for ten years. We used to have a recording of it, and I liked it immensely at the age of... maybe ten to early teens. The poor man complains that he can't finish, that he's lost among the notes, that his family sent a cake to remind him of the day they left. It occurred to me that the song describes my situation perfectly: lost among the notes words.

I'm trying to go back to the stories I originally wanted to write, and I find that there's very little left of them. Where has the war gone, that was looming over Kiat and the others? Where is Sedrion's desire for revenge? What happened, in the end, to the expedition in the space opera, and how are Grete and Emilia related?

Usually, I write by picking up a thread and following it. As you might guess, I end up with a tangle of different threads that don't go very well together. Also, I tend to miss the important scenes, the conclusions, the explanations -- I suspect my writing is completely incomprehensible for anyone who isn't me.

I wonder if it would work for me to write the crucial scenes first, and then add whatever threads are needed to make it hang together? I can see several problems: fx where do the scenes actually start? Maybe I can write them from the middle and out?

Another method that I thought of: divide the story into a number of parts, and write at most five thousand words of each part. That could give me a very rough draft in a couple of months.


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