Oct. 4th, 2016 08:49 pm
Now all the vegetables are out of the ground -- and in the nick of time too. The cold is here.

I actually had some help. Three deer have turned up in the garden, and they very helpfully chewed the leaves off the carrots and beetroots. I just had to poke about in the dirt: here's one! and there's another. Wonderful critters! I left a couple of very small beets for them to find.


Aug. 23rd, 2016 10:51 am
We had an unexpected visitor the other day. The cats were very excited. It was hopping slowly along the kitchen wall, probably looking for somewhere to hide. Byzans was determined to find it wherever it went.

Admittedly, neither M nor I were appealed the idea of trying to sleep with that commotion going on, so we said: "Sorry, Frog, but off you go", and M managed to catch it and throw it out.

I have no idea how it found its way in.
The weather has been absolutely miserable the last few weeks: cloudy, drizzle, strong winds, never above fifteen degrees Celsius. But today, at midday, we suddenly had brilliant sunshine and about twenty degrees. And thunder, later on.

I went out to check the garden.

What I found )
Byzans woke me up the other day. She was bouncing about in the bedroom, sounding like a tennis ball, apparently a very happy cat.

In the end I had to get up to see what this new, exciting toy was, that gave her more exercise than a plastic milk cap. When I saw what it was, I had to explain to her that yes, I was very proud of her, but dead mice belong outside.

Her only obvious reaction was a little reproachful meep when I came back after returning the dead mouse to outside. Perhaps she thought, when I took it, that I wanted to play with it too. A little while later, she had renewed her efforts to kill the milk cap.

That same afternoon, I saw what looked like a small bird of prey on the balcony rail. I couldn't help wondering if it had been attracted by the remains of a certain dead rodent.
Dear Woodpecker,

There are hundreds of nice trees within a distance of a couple of flaps of your wings. Why do you have to peck on our house?

There, go and keep the squirrel company.
I met our squirrel as I was coming home today. It was climbing the wall under the balcony. I wonder if they eat bird seeds?

When I saw it, I stopped and said hello. It sat still until I started moving again. I don't think I have seen a squirrel climbing a plastered wall before, but maybe it gives the same kind of support as a tree trunk.

1: Birds

Oct. 28th, 2010 09:25 am
The great tits are absolutely shameless. They came and knocked on the window when they thought it was time to put out food for them. They eat like horses! We had a layer of snow for a couple of weeks, and while it lasted, there was literally a flock of them here. Now they are sparser, so I suspect there are some other places to feed.

With the great tits came the blue tits, and soon after, the bullfinches and the tree sparrows. I also saw the jay the other day, and the nuthutch.

It doesn't seem that long since I finally managed to clear away the last of the shells from last winter. But it's very nice to see them flutter about out there. Things happen all the time.
I have plenty of things to post about, really. For example...


They are feeding on the balcony right now (No, not 'feeding on the balcony', actually they're feeding on sunflower seeds).


I'm stuck at an action scene. Nuff said for now.

The new house

Yes, there is one. It's only a kilometre up the road, so moving will be relatively uncomplicated.

Mips the cat

Of course I can talk about Mips, I always can.
I think it's time to start feeding the birds again. A moment ago, there were two great tits on the balcony, and they were knocking at the window. Loudly.


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