Mar. 20th, 2016 09:03 pm
I write a little most days. Today it's 55 words so far. I'd like a hundred if I can manage.

I had a weird experience this morning. I went to church for a choir performance, As we left, the temperature was one degree Celsius. A little on the way I had to turn back, because I had forgotten my very important choir scarf. So i went back inside, grabbed the scarf, and hurried back into the car. As I steered along our little road, I noticed that the temperature was minus three.

That doesn't usually happen in the midmorning.

One of my choir mates said: "Oh, it's probably the Apocalypse."
Rounds: 8
Hit: A little back and forth
Lost: Nothing
People: 3: Me and M, and a six-year-old boy
Cannon: Nope

The little boy was there with his aunt(? cousin?) to watch football practice, but of course thought achery was much more interesting. I saw him sitting a little bit away, so I went up and asked if he wanted to try. He was absolutely delighted. The smallest bow was a little too big for him, but he handled it well after a while, and made some reasonable hits at six metres.
Rounds 13
Hit: So-so
Lost: Nothing
People: 3, specifically Me, Myself and I

Rounds about 6 to 8
Hit: Well, I was a little preoccupied (see below)
Lost: Nothing
People: 7: Me, M, a father with two teenagers, two youger kids who have been there before. I did some instructing
Cannon: No cannon
Forgot about this yesterday

Rounds 12 or so
Hit: The target, mostly. I was trying to remember my shoulders
Lost: Nothing
People: M and Me
Cannon: No cannon
Hit: Yes, I did
Lost: Nothing
People: M and me all alone

Hit: A couple of rounds of about 20 points. Shot 12 rounds in total, and felt good about it (not tired)
Lost: Nothing
People: M and Me and one other who was just there to check it out. I hope he'll come back
Cannon: No sign of any cannon
Hit: Rounds of up to fifteenish points. Not too bad. Still a little to the right
Lost: Nothing
People: Me and two others and a couple of curious kids. I actually played instructor! M was on an errand in Bräcke
Hit: Target at 30 metres. Go me!
Lost: Nothing
People: M and I and some mosquitoes

Hit: A little to the right and below
Lost: Nothing
People: M and I and three compound shooters. And the mosquitoes

We moved outside last week, so I thought I'd try to do these updates every week. Shooting outdoors is so much more fun. It would be nice if I could teach myself to hit reasonably consistently within the blue ring (that's five points or more).
Hit: Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I didn't keep track of points, but I know I did resonably well for a while.
Lost: Nothing
People: Four, including a boy of about eight-ten, who just turned up, wondering what we were up to.
Cannon: No cannons.
First outdoor practice for the year.

Hit: 90-metre target at 30 metres
Lost: Nothing
People: Two, plus two (somewhat) beginners just after we had put everything back. So we took it all out again.
Cannon: None this time
309 words.

That's not quite what Novel-In-90 requires, but I have to start somewhere. I suppose I should be happy if I manage 375 words a day, but I'll try not to aim to low. I have done four or five hundred a day before, more than that on a few occasions.

This time I'll try to concentrate on getting information into words. Not so much 'What are they saying?' as 'What are they talking about?' And I need to worldbuild my spaceship.

I'm a little embarrassed: I just had to look up how to spell 'occasion'. It still looks wrong though. It happens now and then. I think it is because the scaffolding I use when I think in English is shifting.

*Curses politely* Why doesn't this bloody thing crosspost? Something wrong with my keyboard?
Informal update:

I have written a total of twelve words (in English) of Blood Magic.

Considering how quickly my attempts to write regularly have failed in the past two years, I'm going to set a very modest goal: I will look at the story every day. If I feel like it, I will also write. If I don't like what I wrote yesterday, I will remove it (or rewrite it).

In other news I have also typeset some music: a couple of bars of a song we sing in the choir, and which I have attempted to make a choir arrangement of.
Hit: Target
Lost: Nothing
Pain: No, I was fine all the time
People: Five
Cannon: None this time
Hit: Target,
Lost: My tab; found someone else's, then found my own again, which was fortunate, because someone else was left-handed
Pain: No, I was fine all the time
People: Three
Cannon: None this time
Hit: Grass, mostly
Lost: My glasses, but fortunately found them again
Pain: Nothing to worry about
People: Eight to ten, a couple of complete beginners (I felt experienced)
Cannon: Medium-sized

I think my problem today was partly the arrows, which felt different from the ones I used before

Last weeks stats, for the sake of completeness

Hit: The frame, and made quite a spectacular hole in it
Lost: Nothing
Pain: Had to sit down and stretch my leg about halfway through
People: About half a dozen
Cannon: Small
M and I went to try archery together tonight. I have wanted to try it for a long time, but, well, it didn't happen. Not until last weekend, at a medieval fair, where we learnt that the archery club of Ånge meet every Wednesday night, and that beginners are welcome.

We were about half a dozen beginners, and a couple of others, with targets about fifteen metres away. I managed to hit the target several times. Sometimes I even hit the target I was aimimg at. I lost one arrow. And I learnt that it's probably better to aim with my right eye after all (although at some point I should probably try a left-handed bow, if only for comparison).


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