I'm sitting here, with a Danish dictionary, trying to figure out how to pronounce a couple of songs.

Part of the problem is that Danish, like every other language, has different ways to pronounce certain words. Another part of it is that singing doesn't necessarily use the most common one. I have to guess. My dictionary (first edition in 1980) helpfully tells me that some pronunciation is *högt*, that is "solemn" or "very formal". But are those in use in song? I have no idea.

I suspect it's safest to use the first, probably most common one.

Old or not, it's actually a good dictionary. I'm happy to have spent money on it.
Writing takes its toll. You don't have to do a full nano to start making peculiar mistakes -- I struggle daily with the 750 words required for novel-in-90.

Today I intended to write 'handtag' (handle), and instead found myself having written 'handfat' (basin, sink). Easily fixed, of course. Then I started to ponder the worldbuilding possibilities.

The door had no basin... M offered some assistance, and together we arrived at a society where you have to wash your hands every time you go though a door. The handles are actually *in* the basin. There are two of them, far enough apart so that you can't turn them both with one hand. And they don't work unless there's water and soap in the basin.

Now, throw some multi-limbed aliens into this world.
... that the correct translation of "kontraktsprost" seems to be "dean"

Thank you, [personal profile] dsgood
I have decided on a name for my dreamwidth journal: "Off the hook -- from the backwaters of northern Sweden". In case you wonder, it contains two possible translations of the word "avkrok", which is used in ads for the little town where I live now.

In very small steps, I am moving my primary journal here. Perhaps I'll make some icons next.
I called the vet's to ask about a prescription for Mips (her kidneys aren't what they used to be), and talked to a merry-sounding nurse. She referred to Mips as "lilljänta", which can be translated as "little lass", and which I found totally charming.


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