Choir started on Wednesday. We got three new songs. Very differnt from each other too: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Benny Andersson and Allan Edwall! I'm looking forward to this spring.

T had something to say about the classical piece -- Juninatt by Peterson-Berger. He pointed out how Swedish it is. Not just the song itself(which is indeed classical Swedish choir music): the title "June Night" is really only comprehensible to Scandinavians. We are very romantic about our summer nights.
I have seen similar things (after the murder of Olof Palme, for example), but never of this scale

Flowers )

Edit, having cleared my own thought a little: Usually, there's a small pile of flowers wilting miserably on the ground. But when the flowers cover everything, it starts looking worth it.

The news showed a quick flash of a headline saying something like: "The day when the people took Norway back".

In other news, the Sweden Democrats are being their usual kind of arseholes. "This wouldn't have happened without the multiculture" indeed. I'm not going to say what I think, because I don't use such language.
I have decided on a name for my dreamwidth journal: "Off the hook -- from the backwaters of northern Sweden". In case you wonder, it contains two possible translations of the word "avkrok", which is used in ads for the little town where I live now.

In very small steps, I am moving my primary journal here. Perhaps I'll make some icons next.
In the last weeks I have had some insight into some aspects of Swedish bureaucracy, specifically ones involved with buying a house. Fortunately the bank takes care of most of it, and we simply signed the papers, but there was this little issue with the acquisition permission.

What on earth is that? Never heard of it. Well, it seems that when you buy a 'farming property' in a rural area, where a 'farming property' is a property which the tax authorities think is a farm, you need a permission to buy it. This permission costs 3200 SEK, but if we had been living here for a couple of months more than we have, we wouldn't have needed it. Sigh.

Getting the permission involved some googling, a couple of phone calls, and being very puzzled at the form (They want us to specify 'socken'? Which has been obsolete for how many decades? Welcome to the countryside, I suppose). But it looks like it worked, because after a week we got a large paper stating that we were indeed allowed to buy our house. Which was good, since we had already bought it. I went to the bank this morning and gave it to them, so they can fix the rest of the paperwork.


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