M and I took a boat trip on Revsundssjön. There is a nice little steam boat called Alma, that sets out from Stavre every Sunday during the summer, and you can go down and see how the engine works if you like (we did). Yesterday's trip had about ten passengers, which included two musicians, who played... the usual stuff.

I found my glasses to be a little unreliable -- they kept seeing islands where there weren't any. I'm not sure if it was the movement, or all those trees growing almost in the water, or something else.

I asked M if that is where he goes sailing, but he said he usually stay further east.
M and I came back from Bohuslän a few days ago, and now we have picked up the cats from the hotel. It seems they had a nice time there. We were told that Loffe always knew when breakfast time was, and that Byzans put the snotty Persian in her place. Good for her, I suppose.
I have booked a train to Uddevalla in late July, for about a week in Bohuslän. I think this is the first time I go away somewhere without M, and it feels a little peculiar.

We're going for a vacation together in September instead.
The weather has been absolutely miserable the last few weeks: cloudy, drizzle, strong winds, never above fifteen degrees Celsius. But today, at midday, we suddenly had brilliant sunshine and about twenty degrees. And thunder, later on.

I went out to check the garden.

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