I promised to help out at a gathering tomorrow, which my friend Mv organises. This was to include some choir songs. Now it turns out that the lady who was going to sing alto won't be able to come. Which means that I have promised to learn some new parts.

I suppose I should sit down and call it fun.
Spring concert with Ljungandalens kammarkör (Valley of Ljungan Chamber Choir) today. It went reasonably well. T has been throwing stuff at us, and I think we did what we could with it. Everything wasn't new though, I thought it was a pleasant mix.

Åhlen's Summer Hymn was a little weird. We may have practised it too little, I'm not sure, but I think it was better last time we sang it. It's one of the songs you're just supposed to know. As for me, I found yesterday that I sound terrible singing it. Possibly because I learnt it many many years ago, and it could be that the voice I learned to sing it with doesn't work any more. I'll have to relearn it. No big deal, really, but it's a pity I didn't notice it earlier.

My hair fell apart. I had pinned it and sprayed it until I smelled of hairspray all over, and it didn't help. Now I can't get the pins out.
Two days ago, I picked up my new progressive glasses. Then I went to a singalong meeting*. I found that I move my head a lot more than I'm aware of when I sing. The table was bouncing about, even though I thought I was looking at one spot the whole time.

They say you get used to it after a few days. I sincerely hope that's true. These glasses exhaust me. I'm trying to get used to not looking the my tea mug as I put it down. Perhaps I should learn not look at the keyboard as well?

One thing that works fine (to my surprise) is driving. As far as I can tell, I see everything I need to see, without any ill effects. There's a slight blur at the side mirrors, but I can re-focus on them without moving my head.

* A friend holds these at local old people's homes. I go there to help the singing. It is usually needed.


Jan. 20th, 2016 08:08 pm
Haverökören started yesterday (and sings at the service on Sunday). Ljungandalens kammarkör started today, with three new songs. I love new songs.
All Saint's. That means singing in church. twice today, once tomorrow.

I should probably eat something.
It seems we'll have Christmas this year too -- the choirs are at it already. So far it's all leftovers, though.

For All Saint's we have one or two new ones. And yesterday we tried a merry spring song -- we need those too. T also discussed the possibilities of singing Christmas songs at any time of the year -- it's just a matter of packaging.

I so support the idea of including Christmas songs in the spring concert.
I'm off to my first singing lesson in years. Hope it goes well!

New choir!

Mar. 31st, 2012 12:22 am
I think it's been over two months since my last post. I haven't been particularly busy, only... not writing anything. And then I get embarrassed for not having written anything.

But here's one March post. I'll try to manage a couple of April ones as well.

I January a new church choir was formed in Ånge, and my choir buddy Mv and I decided to give it a try, and skip the one-hour-drive to Haverö. I think we got what we hoped for.

Ångekören is a working choir. When I came home yesterday, I felt that -- I had not only been singing, but working with the songs. We are in a bit of a hurry, since we are planning for a concert in early May:) We have already sung at one singalong and at a Sunday service. Our next engagement is on what is known in Sweden as Pink Thursday[1].

It feels like we're juggling a little more than we can handle at the moment, but I'm confident. We'll manage.

[1] Well, not really, it's more a matter of homonyms. 'Skär' means 'pink', 'skära' means 'to cut', but there is also an archaic 'skära', which means 'to cleanse, to purify'. It's that last one which is present in 'Skärtorsdagen', the Thursday before Easter.
My choir is alive and well, and is working to find its form. At the moment we're doing some two-part and three-part songs, and that seems to work well. We have a new chairman, who seems more willing to involve the rest of the choir (and the rest of the board), which is good, and to cooperate with the choirleader, which is essential. There is hope for the future!

Our next project is a service in Borgsjö church, which is closer to us than Haverö, on Easter Monday. After that, it's the investiture of the new vicar, where all of the parish must show its best side for the bishop.

And we may go off on a weekend together in August.
I was picked up at nine o'clock outside our house, for the not-quite one-hour-drive to Torpshammar Manor. In total, there were about twenty of us waiting in the main building for choirleader T, who, of course arrived with the last batch.

T had promised us a snack to begin with: we got bread with butter and cheese and tea (or coffee). Then we started singing. Most of it was songs that we are to sing at the service tomorrow morning, but we also made the final decisions on what to sing.

Lunch was cold salmon with a sauce and potatoes. It was delicious. T took the opportunity to tell us a little about the manor. It's usually run by a musician -- an old friend of T's -- and his wife, and another couple, and sometimes T, who referred to himself as 'the fifth wheel'.

In the afternoon we started on a new song -- and promptly decided to sing it tomorrow.

Choir day!

May. 28th, 2010 05:58 pm
The choir is having a full day at Torpshammar Manor tomorrow, starting at ten. The program is, as T puts it: snack, lunch, snack. Maybe we'll have time for some singing as well.
It has been a very long time since I last attended a church service. I suspect it may have been my sister's confirmation, fifteen years ago. Next time, I should try to remember beforehand that they will have a collection.

Apart from that, I don't think I did anything stupid or inappropriate. We sang five songs, and four psalms in addition to that. There was even a congregation, about twenty bodies plus choir etc (I can't say anything for sure about souls). This was apparently considered good.
Tomorrow at eleven, I'm going to sing at a service in Haverö Church. It's the first time I sing in a choir in more than fifteen years. I'm looking forward to it.
I have been thinking. I know I don't do this journal thing very well -- just look at my livejournal. So why am I sitting here with another one? I read my circle sporadically at best, and let's face it, nothing much happens there either.

Crossposting isn't really my thing, and I couldn't possibly keep track of what I said in one journal, and what I said somewhere else. So, in order to use this one, I need some kind of purpose. In my livejournal I try to write about writing and about general things: family and similar. But I say very little about singing and music.

I'm thinking that I could use dreamwidth for that: just write a post now and then about what I have sung recently. It doesn't have to be much, a simple 'I have not sung a single note' is fine (but probably not entirely truthful). And if I see something else that seems to fit here, I may write that too.

It may turn out that I get an intersection between my two journals anyway, but I think that's in order.


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