I have seen similar things (after the murder of Olof Palme, for example), but never of this scale

Flowers )

Edit, having cleared my own thought a little: Usually, there's a small pile of flowers wilting miserably on the ground. But when the flowers cover everything, it starts looking worth it.

The news showed a quick flash of a headline saying something like: "The day when the people took Norway back".

In other news, the Sweden Democrats are being their usual kind of arseholes. "This wouldn't have happened without the multiculture" indeed. I'm not going to say what I think, because I don't use such language.
I don't often get the chance to watch Norwegian television.

Needless to say, when SVT decides to show uncommented news from Norway for a whole hour, it's because of a bomb in the centre of Oslo, followed by shooting at a political camp. That's what you need to raise the interest of Swedish media. I bet even Sundsvalls Tidning (which we read) will have a couple of articles about it tomorrow. Articles that will say little, because at this point, there is little to say. There will be more to say later, but also less interest.


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