Last weekend we finally handed the house in Boltjärn -- the 1950s kitchen, the pale-coloured walls, the two bathrooms, the general feeling of spaciousness, the marvellous view -- back to its owners. I think I'm going to miss it, but only a little. It's nice to have a house of one's own, we have water on two sides, and two people should be able to share one bathroom, right?

Mips seems to like it here, especially when she's got her tree back, now with a bookshelf added. I saw a mouse the other day (outside), but she probably hasn't noticed them yet. Just as well, I suppose.

I have already started to contemplate various redesigns of the house -- it only has one entrance, for example, and that's the kitchen entrance -- even though I should focus on living in it as it is. But daydreaming can be good for you, and perhaps I'll figure out something really smart. Today's most important question is: do we put up the red curtains in the living room (they clash terribly with the wallpapers) or do we do something else?

There'll be photos eventually, but I must configure the web server first. Perhaps I should go and do precisely that.
Yesterday was the day when Mips finally moved to the new house. She seems to have settled, and very kindly helped M setting up the TV.
Having lived about ten years with cats in the house, M and I have been used to not leaving doors open. This was important with Pentium, but a little less so with Mips, who doesn't want to go out. Nevertheless, if she finds a hole in the wall, she will eventually overcome her fear, and check what's on the other side.

However, opening and closing the door when you're carrying moving crates is more trouble than it's worth. So the last few days there has been not so few occasions when the front door was propped open for a while. Mips was duly worried about this. The bed's gone, the sofa's gone, the bookcases are gone, and now more stuff is going. Have you sold all of my domain? Are you going to leave me here all alone?

At the same time Pim-pim, the neighbours' cat was patrolling his domain. He has a large one: it surrounds our house completely, and also includes most of the meadow across the road. I have seen him having lunch on our lawn on more than one occasion. Now, he suddenly noticed a part of it which was completely unexplored!

From the back of the car, where we were arranging the crates, we saw him climbing the steps with confidence, and just a tad of caution. He disappeared through the door, was gone for five seconds or so, then turned up, running and jumping through the railing. He made a small circle on the lawn, and started up the steps again. This time I followed him inside. I saw him creep along the hallway and peek into the living room. Then he turned, quickly, and came running, jumped onto the lawn again, tail all bushy. After him came Mips, the puzzled look on her face. She stopped in the doorway and looked out.

Pim-pim didn't try to come back inside, but a while later he made a point of rolling in the grass in front of the door (allowing me to pet him at the same time). I think they had agreed on the partitioning of their domains.
I have, for years and years, never found the need to use an usb device on my computer. This may be in part because the usb slots are all on the back of it, and I'm not that fond of crawling on the floor when it isn't necessary. I have configured the kernels for it, but never tried it out.

However, some time ago my old server decided it didn't want to do its job any more (not even occasionally). And suddenly, in the middle of the current renovating/moving thing, I decided that I needed my cv file. M offered me the help of his usb disk driver. Comedy ensued from this[1].

In the end I had managed to replace the disk in the driver with mine, and connected it. Next step was to look for it. M said: well, in Ubuntu it just mounts and you can use it. I said: that's usually not the case in Gentoo. Instead I checked the syslog, which showed no sign of having noticed a new usb device recently. Damn, I don't want to reconfigure the kernel just now. I read Gentoo's usb howto, checked my configuration, which seemed to have all bits checked that should be checked, checked lsusb, dmesg, and everything else I could think of. They told there were plenty of connectors, but no devices attached. I gave up and decided to use M's computer instead, the one with Ubuntu, which auto-mounts everything. How annoying. Surely I didn't break anything during the screw-loosening?

I was at this point that I started to think: did I press some kind of button or switch on the driver while I was working? I did, didn't I? The kind that has a '1' and a '0' on it. Check: sure enough, there is a switch, it is set to '0'. I switch it. Now the syslog tells me about this new, shiny usb mass storage device that has just announced itself. What a relief.

So the problem wasn't with Gentoo after all, but a perfectly normal user error, one not even Ubuntu would have been able to compensate for (I think).

[1] I need to unscrew this, where's the screwdriver? In The House! This screw is stuck, I need a pair of pliers, where are the pliers? In The House! You get the idea.
I think we have moved officially. At least we slept in the house last night. I feel mostly puzzled about it.


Apr. 14th, 2011 10:19 pm
It feels like we have started moving; I'm not sure why. Perhaps because I went looking for string in te supermarket today (didn't find any, though). We have decided that the easiest way to move about thirty metres of books is to tie them together shelf by shelf (or so) with string.
I have decided on a name for my dreamwidth journal: "Off the hook -- from the backwaters of northern Sweden". In case you wonder, it contains two possible translations of the word "avkrok", which is used in ads for the little town where I live now.

In very small steps, I am moving my primary journal here. Perhaps I'll make some icons next.
In the last weeks I have had some insight into some aspects of Swedish bureaucracy, specifically ones involved with buying a house. Fortunately the bank takes care of most of it, and we simply signed the papers, but there was this little issue with the acquisition permission.

What on earth is that? Never heard of it. Well, it seems that when you buy a 'farming property' in a rural area, where a 'farming property' is a property which the tax authorities think is a farm, you need a permission to buy it. This permission costs 3200 SEK, but if we had been living here for a couple of months more than we have, we wouldn't have needed it. Sigh.

Getting the permission involved some googling, a couple of phone calls, and being very puzzled at the form (They want us to specify 'socken'? Which has been obsolete for how many decades? Welcome to the countryside, I suppose). But it looks like it worked, because after a week we got a large paper stating that we were indeed allowed to buy our house. Which was good, since we had already bought it. I went to the bank this morning and gave it to them, so they can fix the rest of the paperwork.
I have plenty of things to post about, really. For example...


They are feeding on the balcony right now (No, not 'feeding on the balcony', actually they're feeding on sunflower seeds).


I'm stuck at an action scene. Nuff said for now.

The new house

Yes, there is one. It's only a kilometre up the road, so moving will be relatively uncomplicated.

Mips the cat

Of course I can talk about Mips, I always can.


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