My neighbour came and told me he had had to take away** his dog. That was a lovely dog: big and friendly, always following him around. She had been ill for a time, a tumour, and possibly some other age-related things, and at last she couldn't get up, and wouldn't eat, so it was time.

The day after, he told me, he'd had a visit -- from Loffe, who had come up to his house, and even entered it, for the first time ever. "Do you think he could tell so soon that the dog was gone?", he asked me. I said: "Quite likely".

**Ta bort -- that's how they say it around here
M took off for Dorotea this morning (work-related). I expected him to be home tonight, but it turned out he needed to stay. So now I have the house to myself, and Loffe and Byzans.

I would have liked to say that I enjoy being alone for a change, but I really don't. It doesn't matter what I do: it would have been more fun with M there, even it what we do is sit each at our own desk and occasionally say something. Not that I talk to myself, that's not what I meant (should I?).

The cats are tiptoeing about, probably very aware that Husse didn't come home when he should. But as long as Matte doesn't worry...
For some reason, I can't think of anything to post about. Weather's nice and sunny. Night's only a couple of hours. Choir's preparing for spring concert.

I dug out a large rock in the garden yesterday. Perhaps we'll use it to sit on, or rest our feet or something.
Rambo's kitchen scissors have finally gone to meet their maker. I cut a piece of string with them, and the handle broke.

We found it in a junk shop at a price that was completely ridiculous, twenty Crowns, or something. It claimed to have been on TV shop. M said: If it works for a week, it's worth it. I suppose this was twelve years ago, or so. It could cut things, open bottles and cans, and probably a few more things, but it didn't do any of that particularly well. However, it was a somewhat convenient tool for small tasks in the kitchen.

Perhaps we'll get another pair of good scissors instead now.
M and I have finally gotten rid of the old sofa (most of it). First we had to empty it.

Look what we found! )

M says he only ever had two of those combs. I can only assume they were of different genders.
I went with a friend (A) to Sundsvall for the Swedish Championship in Mixed Archery.

It was a cosy little event, and quite fun to watch. The weather was very sunny. We observed the little flags showing a brisk wind, and tried to follow which teams were shooting against each other. Next time I'll try to bring a pair of binoculars (or something).

I lost my glasses, again. I really must buy senile strings. In the end A found them, lying on the ground, completely visible. I have no idea why we didn't see them before.

... I'm sorry that I dropped out for so long. I have been discomputered.

I'll do my best to catch up with you, at least the last few weeks.

It's good to be back :)


Aug. 6th, 2013 11:34 pm
M and I take the car southwards tomorrow morning. It'd not pleasure this time, but a funeral. I'm trying to figure out what I have forgotten to pack... The schampoo is there, and so is M(um)'s camera. I haven't found any stockings, but that's less of a problem, they sell stockings in Landskrona too. Need to pack computers. Need to pack crosswords (I have started to solve crosswords again). Need to pack food for the trip. And books, but I'll put them in the glove compartment. Did I throw in any make-up? I should check.

We'll be back on Sunday.
M came home from work today, telling me that his aunt has died. My first thought was: Good thing we took the time to visit her when we were in Scania. She seemed reasonably happy and content.

Some hours later, we took a glass of wine each, and thought of her. I feel odd.
My computer just died on me.

And yesterday my browser locked up.

It started again without any fuss, but I think I may need a new computer. I have never had these problems before, even though I often leave it on for weeks. It's not only old, but a little of a mix of different things that happened to be cheap when I needed them. I suppose four to seven years is a reasonable lifetime for computer hardware.
She was brave and strong, and objected valiantly to being fed pills and other strange things, but her kidneys got the better of her in the end.

She liked hiding )

It's been over a month. I still miss my kitty.

(a small question for my readers: can anyone see that picture?) Edit: I have fixed it now.


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