May. 23rd, 2017 07:26 pm
Today Loffe took off the lamp and hid it.

He actually did that. I have no idea where it is.

I may have to find it, because the wound is still open, and he scratches at it.


May. 8th, 2017 10:10 pm
Loffe appears to be happy, despite the lamp he's still wearing on his head. We had the tube taken from his face today, and now the black hole that was there has turned into a red hole. That is as it should be, I understand: the dead skin has fallen off, and left an open wound.

Once the wound starts closing, it should heal quickly.
The scenes that play out in front of the door in the mornings are quite adorable...

They involve Byzans sitting just inside the door, looking in surprise at Loffe, who is held back by me. He still has the tube in his face, so we want him to stay inside. Byzans on the other hand, doesn't get it why Loffe doesn't go out with her. He always does that!
In the last two months or so, Loffe has found his way into my lap more and more often. He was decidedly not a lapcat when he arrived, although he liked cuddles and pettings, for example if you sat down on the floor next to him.

Now he often comes when I'm in an armchair, or the sofa, in the living room. It's very pleasant, but it's also hard to do anything, since Loffe is a big cat.


Nov. 15th, 2016 05:26 pm
It must be cold outside. Loffe is playing with a toy mouse.
I got a very strong feeling when I picked up Loffe at the cat hotel today. He was saying: "I have a new matte now. She's much better. She gives me more food."

Dear Loffe, you don't need more food.
Loffe has taken sleep beside me in my bed sometimes. He's a big, black lump. And very occasionally he sits in my lap in the evenings.


May. 31st, 2016 09:41 pm
Poor Loffe.

At night, he often sleeps in places where I... um... walk.

He's the reserved one, and I think he's a little suspicious of me.

But I really didn't mean it. Loffe. I'm sorry.
Loffe didn't come in when I called for him. It was eight o'clock and pitch dark, and I don't want the cats to be outside at night. But we've had a couple of warm days, so perhaps he had noticed that his hunting grounds were back?

He did come in a while later, when M called. The first thing he did was to eat Byzans's supper.
I have figured it out. I have found a way to get come-back-inside treats without having to go out into that nasty cold stuff.

I eat most of my breakfast. Then I go to the door. When Matte comes by, I look imploringly at her, and then she usually opens the door. Byzans goes out. I just stand in the opening and wiggle my ears a little. I think the ear-wiggling is very important.

Then I go back into the kitchen, and eat the rest of my breakfast. It tastes much better.

You should try it too!

I made an appointment with the vet next week.

Byzans is going to have the usual shot, but Loffe probably won't, since his stomach seems to be a little out of order. It may be nothing other than a sensitive stomach, and the nurse I spoke to had several suggestion about food we could try. I pointed out that since I drive from Ă…nge (more than an hour), there's no real point to go there only to buy food, and come back some other day with the cats.

I have started to feed him a little at a time, hoping that will make him less prone to throw up. Perhaps next step will be to see if wet food makes any difference.
Dear Loffe,

Go and ask Byzans what the stove does to you if you walk on it.

Loffe threw up on the living room floor today. There was something in it. That moved.

I think we must de-worm him.

After doing his business he set off for the front door. "I'm finished here now, Matte. I'm going out."
Dear Loffe,

Stay away from the main road

Matte and Husse
Loffe has spent the afternoon trying to convice me that weather like this calls for bad-weather-treats. I tell his there is no such thing as bad-weather-treats, at least not in this house, and by the way, he got his come-inside-treats as usual this morning, when he, well, came inside.

"Are you sure?", he says. "I remember nothing of the sort. Oh, and now you mention it, if I really was outside in this weather, I need some extra treats. Did you see Byzans when she came in just now? She was soaking! So you have to give me treats both for the bad weather, for coming in and because I was outside in it. That should do it. And some because Byzans was so wet."
Yesterday didn't start well. I expected breakfast at the usual hour, Matte put some down for Byzans, and then she took me into the bathroom. I had to wait until she finished her shower, before I could get out. At that point, Byzans had finished her food.

I didn't get to take my walk either, and I got no comebackin treats. Eventually, Matte took a cage and put me inside it. Then I heard her give Byzans more food!

So, was this the vet? Sometomes vets say you can't have any food. Matte eats anyway, of course.

It turned out I was right. It was the vet, and it was a long trip, as it usually is. The first thing we met on arrival was a big nasty dog, but Matte took me to a different spot without dogs, to wait.

The examination room was nice. There was a window in one end, but the windowsill was too narrow to sit on. I tried the window in the other end instead, but I couldn't look out of it. Before i had found anything else to look out of, the nurse arrived. She actually put a stick up my behind! I told her I don't do that kind of thing, but she didn't listen.

I must have gained rank, because I got two vets this time. They took a very long time to prod my head, my tummy and my tail, and finished by splashing something in my eye. The nurse came back, and splashed some more. The last splash wasn't so bad, I suppose...

It was after that the real humiliation started. The nurse took off the the fur on a part of my tail! Now I have a ridiculous little rat tail, with a tiny tuft at the end. I would have left there and then, if Matte hadn't been holding me. I have told her that I don't like being held, but she forgets sometimes.

The vet prodded some more, and the nurse soaked my tail. Then it sounded like we were finally going home, but no, not until they had put a lamp on my head. It almost didn't fit in the cage. I finally managed to take it off, but Matte put it back as soon as we were home.

I don't know when I will be able to show myself outside. Not with the lamp, that's obvious. The bullfinches won't let me hear the end of it. I wonder what the mice will say about the tail?
Loffe has made a new discovery: there's a big pile of earth in the garden, where Matte digs and scratches and pulls out grass. He halps out. Matte is less than thrilled.
The weather has been absolutely miserable the last few weeks: cloudy, drizzle, strong winds, never above fifteen degrees Celsius. But today, at midday, we suddenly had brilliant sunshine and about twenty degrees. And thunder, later on.

I went out to check the garden.

What I found )
Is there anyone who would be willing to knock up a poor little horny cat? I'm afraid M and I are more interested a friendly relationship, and Loffe just ignores her. Poor Byzans probably doesn't even understand what's going on; she rolls on the floor, whining and squeaking, wiggling her little butt, clawing at my feet.

There will be a trip to the vet in the future, but we're going off on vacation in less than two weeks, and we don't want to put her in a hotel when she's had surgery. It's neither fair to her, nor to the people who are going to look after her.
Yesterday, I took the cats to the vet in Sundsvall. This was necessary for Byzans, who needed her checkup and vaccination, and merely desireable for Loffe, who has been coughing. Last time coughing happened, it may have been worms, but I thought it best to ask.

The car drive went better than I had feared: both cats were quite calm. When we arrived, we were shown into an examination room, and I let them out to check the surroundings.

Byzans was fine, precisely as expected, but Loffe seems to be a slightly different matter. How different I don't really know. It seems that he has some kind of heart condition. That is all that can be said for the moment. This meant that the visit, instead of half an hour, took all of three hours, and included blood tests, x-ray and ECG. The only conclusion in the end was that his heart beats wery arythmically, but only sometimes, for some unknown reason.

This was completely unexpected. I had not noticed anything, and I still don't notice anything, that suggests anything serious to me. But for all I know, it may prove not to be serious. We'll have to wait and see.


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