I forgot to post about Monday night's fermented herring party. I managed to find the house. One of my choir mates lives next to it, and she bought it some time ago (it seems that either she bought it, or some jerk from Stockholm did, and the sellers preferred her. From what she said he really sounded like a jerk...).

First we got a look at the barn -- and the privy. Then we were shown into the house: a traditional layout with a hall in the middle and kitchen and chamber to the side. Lots of old furniture. A stuffed fox. Heated by firewood. Actually very warm. Gorgeous view.

Yes, I ate my two fish. They went down with a lot of potatoes and flat bread.
Next winter, we will have to find a new place to feed the birds. Byzans has figured out how to climb the balcony from outside.
I was at home this afternoon, and I suddenly smelt smoke. I thought: Computer? It felt a little like dust glowing, and out computers are always on, often for days and weeks. Iy has been very hot lately. My next thought was the oven, but it wasn't on (and shouldn't be).

It turned out that the smell was strongest by the open windows, so I went out. I checked the garden, the meadows and the felled forest, but saw no sign of fire anywhere. I could still smell it, though.

M turned up a while later, and I asked if he had heard anything about a fire. He said: "Yes, in Västmanland". Actually, I knew about the fires in Västmanland, it's been on the news for days, but Västmanland is several hundred kilometres from here, so I hadn't really considered it.

But as it has turned out, we really had smoke coming from those fires. A few hours later, I spoke to a friend, who told me that some people had been having eye problems.
I remembered to put out the dustbin for tomorrow. It was with some satisfaction that I realised that next time, there probably won't be any snow on the ground. (Or rather, there will, but not on the driveway.)

That would be April, or even early May. Most of our garbage goes into recycling or compost, and I only empty the bin when it's full.
Dear Woodpecker,

There are hundreds of nice trees within a distance of a couple of flaps of your wings. Why do you have to peck on our house?

There, go and keep the squirrel company.
We just talked to the man who's going to plow a fiber for us. This means we will have a proper connection again. No more mobile internet (unless we want to).

New bread

Aug. 1st, 2011 06:41 pm
Baked bread for the first time in the new kitchen(*). It worked (how fortunate). As the dough was rising, I remembered that we still don't have any paper for the plate, but having thought a little, I decided to use tins instead. It didn't turn out too bad. Now there is breakfast for a couple of days, at least. If I remember to take it out of the freezer.

(*) Unless we count scones
I think we have moved officially. At least we slept in the house last night. I feel mostly puzzled about it.
It's Easter, so we can't buy new paint until Tuesday. This could mean that we have to go touristing tomorrow (how unfortunate). Perhaps we'll visit the geographical midpoint of Sweden, which is nearby, and accessible, as far as I know (you can't be sure, at this time of the year there's still snow in high places).

We did prepare a small Easter fire, but for several reasons didn't light it: one - the grass is dry at the moment; two - there was a medium-strong wind; three - we have no running water in the garden. The was a very nice depression in the ground, though, now filled with dry wood. Perhaps will light the fire for the last of April instead.

In the meantime, I'll say to all of you, whether you like it or not:

Glad påsk!
Dear self,

Try not to leave tools lying about in the stairs when you're working.
I have finished setting up the wallpaper in the hallway -- the next step is painting. Meanwhile S is fixing a window, which has had unfinished work done on it.
S arrived today, and will stay over Easter. We have asked him to help us with some joinery (door frames and mouldings). I'm not sure what else we will do -- the more spectacular sights to see around here are probably not accessible yet. We'll think of something.
In the last weeks I have had some insight into some aspects of Swedish bureaucracy, specifically ones involved with buying a house. Fortunately the bank takes care of most of it, and we simply signed the papers, but there was this little issue with the acquisition permission.

What on earth is that? Never heard of it. Well, it seems that when you buy a 'farming property' in a rural area, where a 'farming property' is a property which the tax authorities think is a farm, you need a permission to buy it. This permission costs 3200 SEK, but if we had been living here for a couple of months more than we have, we wouldn't have needed it. Sigh.

Getting the permission involved some googling, a couple of phone calls, and being very puzzled at the form (They want us to specify 'socken'? Which has been obsolete for how many decades? Welcome to the countryside, I suppose). But it looks like it worked, because after a week we got a large paper stating that we were indeed allowed to buy our house. Which was good, since we had already bought it. I went to the bank this morning and gave it to them, so they can fix the rest of the paperwork.


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