I dyed my hair, again.

One of my friends said she thought I shouldn't dye it: she thinks grey hair is beautiful. I suppose that may be true, but I happened to like the colour it used to be, so I try to keep it like that. It's not that I'm getting my mother's lovely silver white.
From now on I'll wear a ponytail.

I fell like a log on the ice a few days ago, and hit my head -- on the tie that was holding my hair.

Weird. I sat for a couple of hours, fingering the spot on my head, trying to figure out if I was ok, but I probably was.

I was lucky that it was in the right place...
Spring concert with Ljungandalens kammarkör (Valley of Ljungan Chamber Choir) today. It went reasonably well. T has been throwing stuff at us, and I think we did what we could with it. Everything wasn't new though, I thought it was a pleasant mix.

Åhlen's Summer Hymn was a little weird. We may have practised it too little, I'm not sure, but I think it was better last time we sang it. It's one of the songs you're just supposed to know. As for me, I found yesterday that I sound terrible singing it. Possibly because I learnt it many many years ago, and it could be that the voice I learned to sing it with doesn't work any more. I'll have to relearn it. No big deal, really, but it's a pity I didn't notice it earlier.

My hair fell apart. I had pinned it and sprayed it until I smelled of hairspray all over, and it didn't help. Now I can't get the pins out.


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