Jul. 4th, 2017 11:18 pm
Today I counted six little tomatoes on one bush, and five on the other, one a couple of centimetres across. All are an even pale green. I also have peas and beans and chard and tiny onions.

Next year, I may try to put up some strings in the greenhouse, for the beans and the tomatoes to climb on.
I found a good handful of slender green beans in the greenhouse this morning. They have some growing to do, but that's what beans do.

I must check on them tomorrow too.

The tomatoes are tiny yellow flowers, and the peas are white ones. Only the cucumber remains at the green leaves stage.
I have ordered some new crossword magazines. I was getting tired of the old ones. (But I still find new things in them, occasionally, after a couple of years. So I consider them very good)

I have finally started to use the greenhouse.

I have prepared a bit of the plot for chard and beets. It turned out I had no seeds for carrots or onions though. but that can be fixed.

I have instructed seven enthusiastic kids in archery. By myself. Well, there were a couple of parents.

I have written a little...


May. 17th, 2017 10:15 pm
I have now planted my beans. Before I did so, someone stood them on their heads in the sofa. I don't know if they survived it, but they look okay for now.

We expect a severe water shortage this year. I'm thinking of watering the plants with beer...
I went to GullgÄrd for a a couple of sacks of soil. While I was there, I bought tomatoes, cucumber and some flowers. The trip appeared to be bad for the tomatoes (both of them). They are in the greenhouse now, and I hope they get better. Otherwise, I suppose I can get new ones.

I'll pot the flowers tomorrow -- possibly outside the kitchen window.
I put down some seeds the other day. Not in the ground -- we're having snow and hail -- but in a box in the living room window.

They are beans and peas. I usually have trouble with them: the season here is a little too short, especially for beans, but I'm thinking of putting them in the greenhouse, which might give me couple of weeks more.
The last snow is disappearing out there, and the lawn shows all those little bumps, that I think come because the frost makes things move somewhere deep down. I have started to clear out the greenhouse -- there's a lot of junk and broken glass in there.

Perhaps some tomatoes this year? And cucumber?


Oct. 4th, 2016 08:49 pm
Now all the vegetables are out of the ground -- and in the nick of time too. The cold is here.

I actually had some help. Three deer have turned up in the garden, and they very helpfully chewed the leaves off the carrots and beetroots. I just had to poke about in the dirt: here's one! and there's another. Wonderful critters! I left a couple of very small beets for them to find.
We're back from our holiday. The car managed it back and forth, although we had an extra battery just in case. Things seem to be back to normal, except that I'm extremely easily distracted, not sure why. I keep forgetting things.

Before we left I took all the chard from the garden plot and froze it. I left the rest hoping it would be ok, and it probably was. Today, I have taken the onions -- there were about a dozen. There are still carrots and beetroots, and also some chard that seem to have grown while we were away, but it's been damaged by frost, and I think I'll leave it.

The weeds keep growing. I'm a little impressed.
I tried a couple of beetroots today. Very small, and I picked them mostly because there were a little too many of them. The rest will need to grow some more.

The onions and carrots are very nice though, albeit small.
I have two little bright red chilli peppers in the kitchen. They have been growing for a year, but now they look like they're ready. I'm not sure if they are really edible, though.

But they look nice. Perhaps I'll just try them in something.
Today I saw the rhubarb was coming up.

It's just as exciting every year: the garden's full of dry little leaves, the vegetable plot is full of large rocks, but look: rhubarb! It's a new year. Perhaps I'll give it some compost.

M didn't have time to help me with the rock in the vegetable plot. I'll see if I can get it out by myself tomorrow. It's loose, so it only needs to come out of the hole it's in.
For some reason, I can't think of anything to post about. Weather's nice and sunny. Night's only a couple of hours. Choir's preparing for spring concert.

I dug out a large rock in the garden yesterday. Perhaps we'll use it to sit on, or rest our feet or something.
My chilli peppers are showing buds. I think it may not be the usual season for it...
Now that winter's coming, it's time to look over the houseplants. They all need new pots. I think there is a bag of soil somewhere, but we may have to buy pots.

Today may have been the last day I could dig the earth outside.


Sep. 25th, 2015 09:38 pm
The trees are really lovely now. They are yellow and orange and still green, for a large part. I'm finished with the vegetables (except for some potatoes), so I have started to collect some leaves. I may do a small bit of forest work as well: I have seen a couple of bent trees.


Sep. 16th, 2015 11:03 pm
I picked a couple of small onions from the garden. And sugar snaps. And chard. It's time to take everything. Winter, night frost, you know...
I made some fruit syrup today: rhubarb, cowberries and blueberries. I may make another try tomorrow with more rhubarb, this time combined with currants and raspberries, all from the garden.

I hope we get an apple next year. It would be nice to say: I ate my own apple.


Aug. 5th, 2015 10:13 pm
I'm having an interesting learning experience: every day when the weather is reasonable I go out and cut a few square metres of the awful mess that counts as our back garden. With a scythe.

I can't say it looks good -- I leave tufts of vegetation all over the place, and it's hard to see what's been cut, and what's just lying down -- but there's certainly a difference.

The scythe was hanging in the barn when we bought the house. It fits me quite well. It probably belonged to the owner before last -- the carpenter. Somehow I don't think the plumber we bought it of would care much for scythes.
Today I saw the first sugarsnap. I think it will be ready tomorrow or Saturday!


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