Jul. 4th, 2017 11:18 pm
Today I counted six little tomatoes on one bush, and five on the other, one a couple of centimetres across. All are an even pale green. I also have peas and beans and chard and tiny onions.

Next year, I may try to put up some strings in the greenhouse, for the beans and the tomatoes to climb on.


May. 11th, 2017 08:59 pm
I made something very random with ground beef the other day: meat, an onion, tomatoes, some diced ham, rice, mung beans and creme fraiche. Also a stock cube, soy, pepper and rosemary. I thought I'd just put it here, hoping that I'll be able to find it.

Nogh Dehn

Feb. 4th, 2017 07:56 pm
I have discovered a new interesting tea. It has a very strange smell, but the taste is mild and nice: there's lemongrass and red pepper in it, among other things.
Dear Matte,

The new clock is stupid. It doesn't have enough dinner. Put back the old one.

Not particularly yours,
Byzans and Loffe
I forgot to post about Monday night's fermented herring party. I managed to find the house. One of my choir mates lives next to it, and she bought it some time ago (it seems that either she bought it, or some jerk from Stockholm did, and the sellers preferred her. From what she said he really sounded like a jerk...).

First we got a look at the barn -- and the privy. Then we were shown into the house: a traditional layout with a hall in the middle and kitchen and chamber to the side. Lots of old furniture. A stuffed fox. Heated by firewood. Actually very warm. Gorgeous view.

Yes, I ate my two fish. They went down with a lot of potatoes and flat bread.
It's time for some fermented herring again tonight. This time I ordered two. They laugh at me...
I have two little bright red chilli peppers in the kitchen. They have been growing for a year, but now they look like they're ready. I'm not sure if they are really edible, though.

But they look nice. Perhaps I'll just try them in something.


Feb. 25th, 2016 08:09 pm
I'm watching M eating icecream. So is Byzans. She is very attentive.

She may be allowed some washing up afterwords.
M and I have just finished the last two semlas. Last day was yesterday, of course, but we aren't that worried about sin in our household, so we thought it was okay. I took the opportunity to use all the cream we had left too.

Tomorrow. it's back to normal eating, I suppose.

(A semla, for those who don't know, is a medium-sweet bun stuffed with almond paste and cream. )
I have tried, lately, to avoid eating bread for breakfast. It certainly makes me less sleepy, and more likely to sleep at night instead.

It also makes it harder to eat breakfast. Eggs are a good idea, of course. Ham, bacon or sausage. Tea, obviously. Fruits and juice seem to work. Sometimes there are suitable leftovers.

I have tried spinach. I have tried carrots and tomatoes and sugar snaps. I think a little more of those may help.

Ok, I admit it: I sometimes allow myself one little sandwich. It seems to work. You have to eat properly now and then.
I made an appointment with the vet next week.

Byzans is going to have the usual shot, but Loffe probably won't, since his stomach seems to be a little out of order. It may be nothing other than a sensitive stomach, and the nurse I spoke to had several suggestion about food we could try. I pointed out that since I drive from Ånge (more than an hour), there's no real point to go there only to buy food, and come back some other day with the cats.

I have started to feed him a little at a time, hoping that will make him less prone to throw up. Perhaps next step will be to see if wet food makes any difference.
Today I had frightened vegetables for lunch. At least, that's what the label said.

Lap warmer

Oct. 13th, 2011 06:08 pm
Mips is sleeping in my lap. This is a lot more remarkable than it might seem, but she has done it quite a lot in the last week and a half or so. She never used to before that. It was only M's lap that was acceptable. It's very pleasant: she's all curled up, and I can pet her as much as I want.

I had another surprise this morning. I came down to find a half-eaten meatball in the frying pan on the kitchen table. Since neither M nor I have the habit of biting off half a meatball and put the other half back in the pan, I drew the conclusion that a certain furry member of the family had decided to try a new diet.

She's never been interested in treats. Pentium, on the other hand, loved treats, and we always had to cover leftover food (sometimes even the food we were about to eat). With just Mips, we have been a little careless, I suppose.

We're waiting for M to come home from work. Then, I expect, she'll move quickly!

Edit: I just found her helping herself to the dried-up remains of the scrambled eggs we had for lunch. Hmm.

New bread

Aug. 1st, 2011 06:41 pm
Baked bread for the first time in the new kitchen(*). It worked (how fortunate). As the dough was rising, I remembered that we still don't have any paper for the plate, but having thought a little, I decided to use tins instead. It didn't turn out too bad. Now there is breakfast for a couple of days, at least. If I remember to take it out of the freezer.

(*) Unless we count scones

Road trip

Jul. 11th, 2011 06:23 pm
M had seen a server cabinet with some auxillary, most importantly a UPS, for sale. The price was 3000 SEK, which made it an acceptable extra cost to drive to Nyköping to pick it up.

We set off at half past five, and reached Stockholm traffic at about ten, so we probably missed their lunch hour. I wouldn't have guessed. Anyway, we emerge from it unharmed, and managed to find our way to a nice little former vicarage, where the UPS was waiting for us, along with the rest. The seller himself wasn't there, but his brother helped us load everything into the car, and his mother offered us some lemonade (delicious).

We have a large car, but to fit the cabinet into it we had to move the seats forward as far as possible. Now imagine us crouching over the wheel, with this giant metal box behind us. We looked hilarious (we have pictures). Then we drove back home, stopping only at Max[1] in Bollnäs for a quick meal.

Now it's in our basement, and likely to remain there. We removed everything in it, and carried it inside between us, then we had to cause some damage to the ceiling (no, nothing serious) raising it upright. The UPS will do duty as UPS, and the server cabinet -- I'm sure we can use it to keep servers in, or something.

[1] Note for non-Swedish people: Max is a hamburger chain. Exactly like McDonalds, except that it's no different at all.
I was picked up at nine o'clock outside our house, for the not-quite one-hour-drive to Torpshammar Manor. In total, there were about twenty of us waiting in the main building for choirleader T, who, of course arrived with the last batch.

T had promised us a snack to begin with: we got bread with butter and cheese and tea (or coffee). Then we started singing. Most of it was songs that we are to sing at the service tomorrow morning, but we also made the final decisions on what to sing.

Lunch was cold salmon with a sauce and potatoes. It was delicious. T took the opportunity to tell us a little about the manor. It's usually run by a musician -- an old friend of T's -- and his wife, and another couple, and sometimes T, who referred to himself as 'the fifth wheel'.

In the afternoon we started on a new song -- and promptly decided to sing it tomorrow.


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