I took a couple of pictures that I wanted to show my mother.

Everyone else can look too, if you want to. It's not scary. Or dirty. )
Spring has definitely come to Medelpad. I took a short walk today, and saw rhubarb sprouting in the garden. I'm looking forward to some crumble.

Also, everywhere along the roads there were tussilagos, worshipped as the first sign of spring in Sweden (We do worship Spring).
I have seen similar things (after the murder of Olof Palme, for example), but never of this scale

Flowers )

Edit, having cleared my own thought a little: Usually, there's a small pile of flowers wilting miserably on the ground. But when the flowers cover everything, it starts looking worth it.

The news showed a quick flash of a headline saying something like: "The day when the people took Norway back".

In other news, the Sweden Democrats are being their usual kind of arseholes. "This wouldn't have happened without the multiculture" indeed. I'm not going to say what I think, because I don't use such language.


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