I took a couple of pictures that I wanted to show my mother.

Everyone else can look too, if you want to. It's not scary. Or dirty. )
It's the last of April, and I'm trying to think of something to post.

M and I sat in the garden with a glass of wine each and some chocolate, but to speak the truth, we didn't sit there for long. This is not a complaint, by the way, it's been quite warm for the last few days, about fifteen degrees. We'll have a summer this year too.

M(um) arrives on Thursday evening, and stays until Tuesday. There's no fixed plan for her visit, except for Saturday evening: my choir's going to have a concert.

The garden looks like a pile of dried weeds, but I think that will change with the proper combination of rain and sun. The vegetable plot is prepared (there's even some garlic in it -- let's see if it grows). The fruit trees that I planted last year look like they will have a couple of leaves, at least. I'm holding my thumbs for a apple or two.

The choir, as I said, is giving a concert. Considering that we have worked together for about three months, there's nothing outstanding to be expected, but I still think it will be a nice concert. I have practised dutifully. Tried to, at least.

There, I managed to think of several things. Have a nice Last of April, everyone, and an equally nice First of May!


Mar. 25th, 2010 11:57 pm
Ă…nge Church Choir is, as the choir leader so optimistically said, a choir in making. Today we were six, five of us women, but it seems that we had quite a lot of experience between us. He wants us to participate in a service a few weeks after Easter. We said: why not?

In other news: M's sister is on her way here, and will arrive at four tomorrow morning. We have decided that M will take the car and pick her up at the railway station, while I light a fire.

Now I must go to bed...


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