I have ordered some new crossword magazines. I was getting tired of the old ones. (But I still find new things in them, occasionally, after a couple of years. So I consider them very good)

I have finally started to use the greenhouse.

I have prepared a bit of the plot for chard and beets. It turned out I had no seeds for carrots or onions though. but that can be fixed.

I have instructed seven enthusiastic kids in archery. By myself. Well, there were a couple of parents.

I have written a little...


Jul. 12th, 2015 09:30 pm
At the moment I have a stack of three-four-five... eight crossword magazines on my desk. I'll probably get a new one soon.

Crosswords is a hobby that's been a little coming and going with me, but I have always enjoyed it. This time, I have found a magazine which has good ones. I usually do a couple of words here and a couple there, and leave it for later, but today I have finished two or three.

Today's most ridiculous pun has to have been the reference to "mutanter" which wasn't mutants, as it turned out, but moo-ladies. Cows.


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