I have my new keyboard. In the end we ordered a big and fancy one: it is divided in the middle and has dozens of odd buttons that I'm not very likely to use. It also has handrests. I could probably lie down and go to sleep on it,,,

I'm thinking about a modmap for programming, with brackets placed more conveniently (for example). But perhaps I should simply learn to keep my right hand to the right and left to the left first.
I writing this on M's keyboard, which he doesn't use at the moment. My own keyboard gave up after I splashed some tea on it, and only about every second key works. That won't do.

We live in a place where it's probably not possible to buy a new one. Well, there are places that are quite happy to send one by post (or equivalent), so no disaster. Just very, very annoying.
The cats have been delivered to the hotel in Timrå. I miss them already.

They say that a surprising amount of the total data that's being transmitted around the world makes up pictures of cats. I have started to suspect that among the first to install teleports will be those who provide temporary lodgings for pets...

(That said, the roads were awful. And I lost my way)

... I'm sorry that I dropped out for so long. I have been discomputered.

I'll do my best to catch up with you, at least the last few weeks.

It's good to be back :)
My computer just died on me.

And yesterday my browser locked up.

It started again without any fuss, but I think I may need a new computer. I have never had these problems before, even though I often leave it on for weeks. It's not only old, but a little of a mix of different things that happened to be cheap when I needed them. I suppose four to seven years is a reasonable lifetime for computer hardware.
man xrandr

xrandr is used to set the size, orientation and/or reflection of the outputs for a screen. It can also set the screen size.

If invoked without any option, it will dump the state of the outputs, showing the existing modes for each of them... (etc)

Ok, let's try it.


Can't open display


Does this mean that I don't have a screen? I'm a little impressed, then, that X works to any extent at all.

*Goes back to the X config*
Dear self,

It is a perfectly acceptable excuse for a program not to run if it's not installed.
We just talked to the man who's going to plow a fiber for us. This means we will have a proper connection again. No more mobile internet (unless we want to).

Road trip

Jul. 11th, 2011 06:23 pm
M had seen a server cabinet with some auxillary, most importantly a UPS, for sale. The price was 3000 SEK, which made it an acceptable extra cost to drive to Nyköping to pick it up.

We set off at half past five, and reached Stockholm traffic at about ten, so we probably missed their lunch hour. I wouldn't have guessed. Anyway, we emerge from it unharmed, and managed to find our way to a nice little former vicarage, where the UPS was waiting for us, along with the rest. The seller himself wasn't there, but his brother helped us load everything into the car, and his mother offered us some lemonade (delicious).

We have a large car, but to fit the cabinet into it we had to move the seats forward as far as possible. Now imagine us crouching over the wheel, with this giant metal box behind us. We looked hilarious (we have pictures). Then we drove back home, stopping only at Max[1] in Bollnäs for a quick meal.

Now it's in our basement, and likely to remain there. We removed everything in it, and carried it inside between us, then we had to cause some damage to the ceiling (no, nothing serious) raising it upright. The UPS will do duty as UPS, and the server cabinet -- I'm sure we can use it to keep servers in, or something.

[1] Note for non-Swedish people: Max is a hamburger chain. Exactly like McDonalds, except that it's no different at all.
I have, for years and years, never found the need to use an usb device on my computer. This may be in part because the usb slots are all on the back of it, and I'm not that fond of crawling on the floor when it isn't necessary. I have configured the kernels for it, but never tried it out.

However, some time ago my old server decided it didn't want to do its job any more (not even occasionally). And suddenly, in the middle of the current renovating/moving thing, I decided that I needed my cv file. M offered me the help of his usb disk driver. Comedy ensued from this[1].

In the end I had managed to replace the disk in the driver with mine, and connected it. Next step was to look for it. M said: well, in Ubuntu it just mounts and you can use it. I said: that's usually not the case in Gentoo. Instead I checked the syslog, which showed no sign of having noticed a new usb device recently. Damn, I don't want to reconfigure the kernel just now. I read Gentoo's usb howto, checked my configuration, which seemed to have all bits checked that should be checked, checked lsusb, dmesg, and everything else I could think of. They told there were plenty of connectors, but no devices attached. I gave up and decided to use M's computer instead, the one with Ubuntu, which auto-mounts everything. How annoying. Surely I didn't break anything during the screw-loosening?

I was at this point that I started to think: did I press some kind of button or switch on the driver while I was working? I did, didn't I? The kind that has a '1' and a '0' on it. Check: sure enough, there is a switch, it is set to '0'. I switch it. Now the syslog tells me about this new, shiny usb mass storage device that has just announced itself. What a relief.

So the problem wasn't with Gentoo after all, but a perfectly normal user error, one not even Ubuntu would have been able to compensate for (I think).

[1] I need to unscrew this, where's the screwdriver? In The House! This screw is stuck, I need a pair of pliers, where are the pliers? In The House! You get the idea.


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