The Fair

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:06 pm
The Medieval Fair in Kälen was a nice event this year too. I bought a bar of soap. M bought a woodpecker to put on the door (it's very funny). The Archery Club earned about 300 Crowns, which covers lost arrows, with a little to spare.

I think I see more and more beautiful clothes every year. Someone really enjoys making them.
I just ate way too much ice-cream. It is actually possible.

Tomorrow is archery at the medieval fair in Kälen. I still don't have a costume, but I have had my sewing machine repaired, so perhaps next year. (I assure you, it's a medieval sewing machine)

I have a terrible cough. It's showing signs of last stage, but that still usually lasts a couple of weeks.


Oct. 19th, 2016 10:05 pm
We're going off to the mountains this weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice. It's stunningly beautiful even in pouring rain, but I'm a little worried about cold and wind. We don't want Scanian winter.

Today a gigantic box arrived, containing among other things a new pair of winter boots for each of us. I have to try them on tomorrow.

The cats will be at the hotel, as usual.
Today's archery practice involved a lot of pacifist arrows. At least I suppose they were pacifists: they wouldn't hit the target.

It worked better when I took off my sweater.
I have changed from sandals to boots. My feet are somewhat unhappy about this. I hope that we will reach a new agreement eventually.


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