We go south with our new car on Friday. I'm not sure if I'll post, but we'll see.

Have a nice Christmas!
It's Christmas Music Time, and I'm trying to fix up a sheet for Silent Night for one of my choirs. I find (again) that every time I use MusixTex I have to relearn it. How do you make it put a few words above the line again? And where did those double flags come from?
It seems we'll have Christmas this year too -- the choirs are at it already. So far it's all leftovers, though.

For All Saint's we have one or two new ones. And yesterday we tried a merry spring song -- we need those too. T also discussed the possibilities of singing Christmas songs at any time of the year -- it's just a matter of packaging.

I so support the idea of including Christmas songs in the spring concert.
M and I drove south (Ånge to Landskrona, about a thousand kilometres) on Monday. We started at seven o'clock, with a temperature of eight degrees below zero. The first tiny snowflakes came as we were packing the car. When we turned onto the E14 the air was thick. (E14, by the way, is known as a very accident-prone bit of road.)

As we approached the coast, the temperature rose, and finally settled at about freezing. At least it was light by then. We tried a new bit of motorway leading out of Sundsvall. Soon enough, we had to make do with the usual wire road, though. Most of the time the vehicle in front of us was visible.

Past Söderhamn we caught up with two large snowploughs. With perhaps fifty cars before us, we were slowed down to forty kilometres an hour. Then, somewhere between Gävle and Uppsala, the snow vanished. It was there, then it wasn't. It was at that point that we noticed that we had forgotten the tea...

The rest was easy. We stopped in Jönköping to visit my aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins, then went on, and arrived late in Landskrona.

The next day we drove to Lund and my parents. I managed to miss the first turn to Lund, but the second worked just as well, and we eventually found ourselves on Utmarksvägen, turning onto Sandbyvägen, eight hundred metres from my parents house.

Then the car said: "Kaboom, kachunk, ratatata". It went on for all of the eight hundred metres.

Merry Christmas, by the way.
I hope you all can look forward to an exciting and meaningful year. I wish you strength and happiness.

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