I like being snacklistmaker for the choir. I get to mix people and dates around, I get to decide who goes where, I get to latex the list and print it. It's fun.

Then I get to do it again, because no one* bothered telling me which dates didn't work for them.

*Actually, someone did bother, but I never got her sms. Weird. And annoying.
Concert tomorrow.

We sing some spring and summer songs, some other things. The children's choirs will be there too, and nothing draws people like the children's choir. We may get an audience!
I promised to help out at a gathering tomorrow, which my friend Mv organises. This was to include some choir songs. Now it turns out that the lady who was going to sing alto won't be able to come. Which means that I have promised to learn some new parts.

I suppose I should sit down and call it fun.
Tomorrow is Spring Worship Day, and I'm going to Worship Spring in Church. Or at least, sing spring songs at the service with Kammarkören. I hope it doesn't snow. Or hail. That's a reasonable request, isn't it?
The Yearly Easter Choir Pile-Up is approaching -- or rather, it has started. It started this Sunday, to be precise. Ljungandalens kammarkör sang at the service, together with the two children's choirs. We were all very impressed by the kids.

There'll be three more services with choir in the coming week (Friday, Sunday and Monday). Also some lunches. And that's pretty much how I celebrate Easter.
This year's Spring Concert will be on the eleventh of June, and will involve no less than four choirs, since T has started a new one for children of about nine. Twelve girls, he says. He seems to enjoy it.

We always seem to end up not quite so well prepared as we would have liked, but at least we're making an early start with the new songs -- and some of the old ones as well.
Choir started on Wednesday. We got three new songs. Very differnt from each other too: Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Benny Andersson and Allan Edwall! I'm looking forward to this spring.

T had something to say about the classical piece -- Juninatt by Peterson-Berger. He pointed out how Swedish it is. Not just the song itself(which is indeed classical Swedish choir music): the title "June Night" is really only comprehensible to Scandinavians. We are very romantic about our summer nights.


Jan. 5th, 2017 09:27 pm
We're back from Scania (just before the bad weather), and tomorrow I have to be in church with Kammarkören. It's still Christmas songs, I think.
We started practice at twelve. The children's choir arrived at a quarter to three, so we could rest and have some layered sandwich. And change.

It was a nice concert, and people seemed to like it. I think my placement went back and forth during the course of it.

Trying something new, I wrote the name of the next song on the back of every sheet, which worked so-so. Next time I'll try writing on the front instead.

This means Christmas is officially over :)
Hmm. One of the kids who showed up on a school event at the Archery Club yesterday was the son of one of my choir mates.

This isn't much of a surprise when you live in a place with 3000 inhabitants: you meet people you know all the time. It seems that he told his mother that I "work" at the club. Well, perhaps I do.
Today was taken up by two Advent services, in Haverö at eleven and Ånge at two. For me they meant singing from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon. Ok, I didn't sing the whole time.

I actually got to hear Haverökören -- I had slipped out for a moment to fix my hair and change my shoes, and they started without me -- and I found it a real pleasure: tight and focused and beautiful. From the inside, a choir usually sounds flat and noisy, and even if you learn to hear, or feel, when it's "right", you don't really know what "right" is, until you get the chance to listen from the outside. So I was happy about that.

Ljungandalens kammarkör was joined by the children's choir, who sang a couple of songs. They were good. There were nine children, four of which were boys! We were all very excited.


Nov. 24th, 2016 08:21 pm
It was the cats' fault. When M came home yesterday, he had to stop in the middle of the driveway. They were both doing impressions of Bambi on ice. When he tried to go again, the car made its own impression.

No disaster, though. I managed to get a ride to the very important choir practice. Of course, I had to walk the four hundred metres to the road first. In the dark. Preferably without impressions. And I forgot some of my notes. But I managed.
My choir leader suggested that we, for Sunday's rather formal church service, ought to sing a song where parts of the choir sings "Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump"

Clarification: The song in question is Fritiof Anderssons paradmarsch, a very upbeat and, I suppose, cocky song about coming home after travelling the whole world. It's a nice song, and funny, although not quite what you usually sing in church. And yes, the "Trump" is there, or rather "tram". It's not a word, just sounds to accompany the main tune.
5/11: Haverökören in Haverö Church at 4, Ljungandalens Kammarkör in Borgsjö Church at 7, memory services
6/11: Ljungandalens Kammarkör in Ånge Church at 4, Concert, mostly
13/11: Ljungandalens Kammarkör in Borgsjö Church at 11, welcoming the new vicar
20/11: I think we're actually free that day
27/11: Haverökören in Haverö Church at 11, Ljungandalens kammarkör in Ånge Church at 2, advent service
4/12: Ljungandalens Kammarkör in Borgsjö Church at 11, service and village fair
11/12: Free, however:
13/12: Ljungandalens kammarkör in Ånge Church at 4(?), Lucia
18/12: All the choirs in Ånge Church at not sure, but I'll find out, Christmas Concert

Why am I in two choirs? That can't be healthy.
Spring concert with Ljungandalens kammarkör (Valley of Ljungan Chamber Choir) today. It went reasonably well. T has been throwing stuff at us, and I think we did what we could with it. Everything wasn't new though, I thought it was a pleasant mix.

Åhlen's Summer Hymn was a little weird. We may have practised it too little, I'm not sure, but I think it was better last time we sang it. It's one of the songs you're just supposed to know. As for me, I found yesterday that I sound terrible singing it. Possibly because I learnt it many many years ago, and it could be that the voice I learned to sing it with doesn't work any more. I'll have to relearn it. No big deal, really, but it's a pity I didn't notice it earlier.

My hair fell apart. I had pinned it and sprayed it until I smelled of hairspray all over, and it didn't help. Now I can't get the pins out.

Choir day

Mar. 14th, 2016 01:12 pm
I'm still feel very perky after Saturday's choir practice. We took a bus to a manor house a little south of Sundsvall (I think), and spent the day there, from ten in the morning to nine in the evening. There was plenty of time for singing between the meals. We practised almost every song we have sung lately, a couple of new ones, and managed to pick up a some loose threads that have been hanging.

It seems everybody enjoyed it immensely!


Mar. 11th, 2016 05:03 pm
Yesterday saw a meeting with the Archery District of Middle Norrland. I set out an hour and a half in advance, so I would have time to lose my way, turn around, look for it, turn around again, be completely lost, and finally find my way precisely where I thought it was from the beginning. I was there half an hour early.

Tomorrow I'm going away with the choir, but I won't have to drive. The program says "snack, lunch, snack and dinner", and T has mentioned something about hanging in the bar. Not sure if he intends us to sing as well.

Today I have tried to take it easy.
"That's a nice thing about you", Choir-leader said, "you never fuss. You never say 'don't like...', 'isn't that supposed to...', 'but why...' You just sing it."

I think I agree with him. When you sing in a choir, there will always be songs you don't like so much, for this reason or that. But you have to sing them anyway. And "not fussing" means you get to the next one quicker.

We do talk at every opportunity, though. All choirs do.
All Saint's. That means singing in church. twice today, once tomorrow.

I should probably eat something.


Oct. 7th, 2015 09:14 pm
On my way home from choir practice, I saw northern lights snaking all over the sky. Pale green. Very pretty. We don't get them that often here, so they were worth stopping for.


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