I have seen similar things (after the murder of Olof Palme, for example), but never of this scale

Flowers )

Edit, having cleared my own thought a little: Usually, there's a small pile of flowers wilting miserably on the ground. But when the flowers cover everything, it starts looking worth it.

The news showed a quick flash of a headline saying something like: "The day when the people took Norway back".

In other news, the Sweden Democrats are being their usual kind of arseholes. "This wouldn't have happened without the multiculture" indeed. I'm not going to say what I think, because I don't use such language.
Poor Mips.

She needs medication for her kidneys. She does not like it.

Every evening at about eight, M or I start moving. This means it's time for her pill and oil. Tonight she hid under an armchair in the living room, and sat there quietly, thus escaping the unavoidable for several minutes. But we always catch her in the end, and put that detestable pill in her mouth.

She has become quite clever. She can swallow and make a quick lick of her lips, and then spit it out a while later. Now and then we find one, dried, on the floor. And she knows perfectly well that we don't want to hold her when she claws at out fingers.

There's certainly temper left in her, even if she only has one kidney.


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