I drove to Sundsvall and back today. It's about an hour and a half each way. The reason for this was a meeting that took no more than an hour.

The archery district has actually solved the distance problem in a reasonable way: with video conferences. Some sit in Sundsvall, some in Ă–stersund. I, of course is precisely in the middle of those two places, so I have to drive anyway.

At least I got some useful information about instructor training.
I sat down yesterday to finish an application on the archery club's behalf. It was the first time, so I was a little uncertain of how to do it, but once I had found the appropriate web pages in the mess that's idrottonline (administration system for all kinds of sports in Sweden) it turned out to be fairly straightforward. I sent it off, and thought: good, now I'll be able to tell people that I have applied.

Imagine my surprise, when I, two hours later, checked my email, and found that we have indeed been granted a nice little sum of 326 Kronor. Since I doubt that these applications are approved automatically, I suppose I must have sent it at the same time as somebody was looking through all of them for the quick and easy cases. Or, possibly, I really made the first:)

326 Kronor approximately covers the basic fee to the Swedish Archery Association. Now if we can get a little from the municipality as well, we'll even be able to pay the district fee.


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