When we arrived at Br├Ącke Marina, M said: "Perhaps this wasn't so good an idea".

The winds were strong and they grew stronger. Odd, since there were no winds at all when we left home. Anyway, we prepared the trailer, backed it into the water, and M rowed the boat over. I did a little walking exercise on a small dock just beside the jetty (it's very cute), and found that it made me noticably round-footed.

The boat came up reasonably smoothly. I think we're learning. M had to empty his wellingtons and change his socks. I couldn't help thinking about people who work regularly in environments like these -- and worse. Anything close to water comes with wind, rain and cold.

We were tying everything down, straps flying around our heads, when M said: "I hope there aren't any trees over the road."

He needen't have worried. It turned out to be a very local storm. It disappeared as we drove away from the marina.
We put M's boat in the water today. He did the general boating stuff, I threw him some ropes and shrieked every time the boat (almost) toppled over.

I don't think M can take me sailing, ever.


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