Jul. 1st, 2017 08:12 pm
Yesterday was interesting. There was another visit at the archery club, this time by some refugee boys. There were three groups of eight boys each, and since it's high summer, we could do it outdoors.

I have done this before, with groups of different ages, from about ten and upwards. These were in their late teens, so I expected them to be, well, easy. I suppose I should have considered the fact that their backgrounds and experiences were very different from the ones ordinary Swedish kids have.

They were all nice and funny boys. They mostly spoke Swedish well enough to communicate, although one or two seemed to prefer English. They didn't seem to remember much of what I said. I found that if I yelled hard enough, they would listen, but I had to do it again a while later. At one point I stood in front of them all, pointing out that there were people (me, that is) in front of the shooting line, and what does that mean? That's right, put your arrows back in the quivers. Everyone. You too. Great, thank you!

But it seems that they enjoyed it. I spoke a woman who took care of them afterwards, and she said that they had been enthusiastic. She also gave me a little present: a package of coconut/chocolate candy. I was actually touched!

In the evening there was the usual practice, with two calm and collected ten-year-olds.
I just ate way too much ice-cream. It is actually possible.

Tomorrow is archery at the medieval fair in Kälen. I still don't have a costume, but I have had my sewing machine repaired, so perhaps next year. (I assure you, it's a medieval sewing machine)

I have a terrible cough. It's showing signs of last stage, but that still usually lasts a couple of weeks.
I managed a couple of uncomfortable phone-calls today. They turned out to be... not that uncomfortable, actually. I said what I needed to say, and got the replies I wanted, more or less.

Well, there was no way to know that in advance.

Now I have a meeting with a municipality person to look forward to. On Monday.
We moved the archery practice outside: me, M and another two, using two cars.

We arrived to find the door without a handle. M says he thinks he knows where it is. I certainly hope so, because opening it was a bit of a hassle. Apart from that, it all went well.
I have ordered some new crossword magazines. I was getting tired of the old ones. (But I still find new things in them, occasionally, after a couple of years. So I consider them very good)

I have finally started to use the greenhouse.

I have prepared a bit of the plot for chard and beets. It turned out I had no seeds for carrots or onions though. but that can be fixed.

I have instructed seven enthusiastic kids in archery. By myself. Well, there were a couple of parents.

I have written a little...
I drove to Sundsvall and back today. It's about an hour and a half each way. The reason for this was a meeting that took no more than an hour.

The archery district has actually solved the distance problem in a reasonable way: with video conferences. Some sit in Sundsvall, some in Östersund. I, of course is precisely in the middle of those two places, so I have to drive anyway.

At least I got some useful information about instructor training.

More kids

Feb. 22nd, 2017 08:23 pm
I had another school visit at the archery club this week: this time from the school in Erikslund. Seven kids on Monday, and nine today, plus some teachers (or parents, I'm nor sure which) who wanted to give it a try too. I let them put marks on my arrows, and check how far into the wall they went. Then they put marks on their own arrows as well.

I think they had fun.
Hmm. One of the kids who showed up on a school event at the Archery Club yesterday was the son of one of my choir mates.

This isn't much of a surprise when you live in a place with 3000 inhabitants: you meet people you know all the time. It seems that he told his mother that I "work" at the club. Well, perhaps I do.
Today's archery practice involved a lot of pacifist arrows. At least I suppose they were pacifists: they wouldn't hit the target.

It worked better when I took off my sweater.
Picture of archery target under here )

I'm quite pleased with myself
I forgot to say something about the medieval market on Midsummer's Eve. Not that there's much to say: we had fun, showing off the archery club (modern recurves, sorry). We didn't buy anything.
M found the little flags that you put on top of the archery targets to show the wind. They have some use, I suppose.

Yesterday was ok. I shot about 170 in 36 arrows...


May. 16th, 2016 06:49 pm
Archery is now officially happening outdoors! It took just under an hour (minus waiting for someone) to get everything out. We were four people helping. Next week we start for real.
Archery practice is going... on. I shoot about four points on average.

I wish I had more to say to the kids that turn up.


Mar. 11th, 2016 05:03 pm
Yesterday saw a meeting with the Archery District of Middle Norrland. I set out an hour and a half in advance, so I would have time to lose my way, turn around, look for it, turn around again, be completely lost, and finally find my way precisely where I thought it was from the beginning. I was there half an hour early.

Tomorrow I'm going away with the choir, but I won't have to drive. The program says "snack, lunch, snack and dinner", and T has mentioned something about hanging in the bar. Not sure if he intends us to sing as well.

Today I have tried to take it easy.
It's been a while since we were six people at the archery practice. Five a couple of times, but not six. two of them were a father and daughter whom we haven't seen there for years (and they asked about membership fees right away).

I didn't do very well; I think there was something wrong with my posture. Still, it was a nice couple of hours.
I sat down yesterday to finish an application on the archery club's behalf. It was the first time, so I was a little uncertain of how to do it, but once I had found the appropriate web pages in the mess that's idrottonline (administration system for all kinds of sports in Sweden) it turned out to be fairly straightforward. I sent it off, and thought: good, now I'll be able to tell people that I have applied.

Imagine my surprise, when I, two hours later, checked my email, and found that we have indeed been granted a nice little sum of 326 Kronor. Since I doubt that these applications are approved automatically, I suppose I must have sent it at the same time as somebody was looking through all of them for the quick and easy cases. Or, possibly, I really made the first:)

326 Kronor approximately covers the basic fee to the Swedish Archery Association. Now if we can get a little from the municipality as well, we'll even be able to pay the district fee.
On Monday and Wednesday mornings, there'll be archery practice at Mittlandia. With eleven-year-olds from Björkbackaskolan.

I hope I won't make a complete mess of it.

I think I'll start with having them try the bows at a short distance, and then perhaps the simplest exercises, see if I can make them shoot straight.

Perhaps they'll like it...
It seems that I'm going to be an archery instructor for a bunch of eleven-year-olds in the week before Christmas.

I hope I survive.
Now I have registered the participants in the archery practice. It was a terrible chore. Not because I had to look them up and enter them into a database, but because of the excessive screaming and swearing that went with it.

I have no idea why it is necessary that I scream and swear while doing a fairly simple job.

Good thing I had stopped when the kids showed up.


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