Shame on me.

I forgot to give Loffe and Byzans their dinner. M came home late, and let them both in. He said Loffe looked very worried. "What if Matte gives us dinner and I'm not there?"

Well, I didn't...

The Fair

Jun. 25th, 2017 09:06 pm
The Medieval Fair in Kälen was a nice event this year too. I bought a bar of soap. M bought a woodpecker to put on the door (it's very funny). The Archery Club earned about 300 Crowns, which covers lost arrows, with a little to spare.

I think I see more and more beautiful clothes every year. Someone really enjoys making them.
I just ate way too much ice-cream. It is actually possible.

Tomorrow is archery at the medieval fair in Kälen. I still don't have a costume, but I have had my sewing machine repaired, so perhaps next year. (I assure you, it's a medieval sewing machine)

I have a terrible cough. It's showing signs of last stage, but that still usually lasts a couple of weeks.
M bought me a present: a template for writing notes. I admit that I usually use software for music, but it might be fun to learn to do it by hand. What I need now is a way to create staves of the correct size... The template is only one size, and it's not quite right.
I found a good handful of slender green beans in the greenhouse this morning. They have some growing to do, but that's what beans do.

I must check on them tomorrow too.

The tomatoes are tiny yellow flowers, and the peas are white ones. Only the cucumber remains at the green leaves stage.
Dear Byzans,

That is where my onions grow. It's not a suitable place for rolling around and scratching your back. You can go and do that on the grass. Or under the car, if you insist.

Love, Matte
Concert tomorrow.

We sing some spring and summer songs, some other things. The children's choirs will be there too, and nothing draws people like the children's choir. We may get an audience!
I managed a couple of uncomfortable phone-calls today. They turned out to be... not that uncomfortable, actually. I said what I needed to say, and got the replies I wanted, more or less.

Well, there was no way to know that in advance.

Now I have a meeting with a municipality person to look forward to. On Monday.
Congratulations, Finland!

A hundred years!
I promised to help out at a gathering tomorrow, which my friend Mv organises. This was to include some choir songs. Now it turns out that the lady who was going to sing alto won't be able to come. Which means that I have promised to learn some new parts.

I suppose I should sit down and call it fun.
We moved the archery practice outside: me, M and another two, using two cars.

We arrived to find the door without a handle. M says he thinks he knows where it is. I certainly hope so, because opening it was a bit of a hassle. Apart from that, it all went well.


May. 23rd, 2017 07:26 pm
Today Loffe took off the lamp and hid it.

He actually did that. I have no idea where it is.

I may have to find it, because the wound is still open, and he scratches at it.
I have ordered some new crossword magazines. I was getting tired of the old ones. (But I still find new things in them, occasionally, after a couple of years. So I consider them very good)

I have finally started to use the greenhouse.

I have prepared a bit of the plot for chard and beets. It turned out I had no seeds for carrots or onions though. but that can be fixed.

I have instructed seven enthusiastic kids in archery. By myself. Well, there were a couple of parents.

I have written a little...


May. 17th, 2017 10:15 pm
I have now planted my beans. Before I did so, someone stood them on their heads in the sofa. I don't know if they survived it, but they look okay for now.

We expect a severe water shortage this year. I'm thinking of watering the plants with beer...
I went to Gullgård for a a couple of sacks of soil. While I was there, I bought tomatoes, cucumber and some flowers. The trip appeared to be bad for the tomatoes (both of them). They are in the greenhouse now, and I hope they get better. Otherwise, I suppose I can get new ones.

I'll pot the flowers tomorrow -- possibly outside the kitchen window.


May. 11th, 2017 08:59 pm
I made something very random with ground beef the other day: meat, an onion, tomatoes, some diced ham, rice, mung beans and creme fraiche. Also a stock cube, soy, pepper and rosemary. I thought I'd just put it here, hoping that I'll be able to find it.


May. 8th, 2017 10:10 pm
Loffe appears to be happy, despite the lamp he's still wearing on his head. We had the tube taken from his face today, and now the black hole that was there has turned into a red hole. That is as it should be, I understand: the dead skin has fallen off, and left an open wound.

Once the wound starts closing, it should heal quickly.
The scenes that play out in front of the door in the mornings are quite adorable...

They involve Byzans sitting just inside the door, looking in surprise at Loffe, who is held back by me. He still has the tube in his face, so we want him to stay inside. Byzans on the other hand, doesn't get it why Loffe doesn't go out with her. He always does that!

Poor Loffe

May. 2nd, 2017 09:09 pm
Loffe and I had to go to the vet today. Yesterday we noticed that the side of his face was swollen like a big ball, and all the fur had fallen off. A few hours later, he had managed to scratch a hole in it, and spread bloody pus all over the kitchen table.

Now he wears a collar, and has a small piece of hose under his ear. The vet says that injuries like this one is often because the cat has been bitten by another cat, and that he may have had it for weeks. I had to admit that I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary.

He seems to be okay, apart from that annoying collar, and Matte, who is still a little nervous.
Tomorrow is Spring Worship Day, and I'm going to Worship Spring in Church. Or at least, sing spring songs at the service with Kammarkören. I hope it doesn't snow. Or hail. That's a reasonable request, isn't it?


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