I put down some seeds the other day. Not in the ground -- we're having snow and hail -- but in a box in the living room window.

They are beans and peas. I usually have trouble with them: the season here is a little too short, especially for beans, but I'm thinking of putting them in the greenhouse, which might give me couple of weeks more.
281 yesterday.

Today I called Sunday, and just tried to sum up what I need for the first part in the hope that I'll actually be able to put it together. There is a very important event early in the story, so it's everything before that.
I'm being picky with my writing.

Sometimes being slightly busy helps, sometimes it doesn't. This time all the important singing around Easter made it ebb out almost completely. Anyway: 186 words today. More tomorrow, I really hope.

Edit: Heh. look at the id of this (dw) post...
Today I got a survey. There are a couple of different ones that come at odd intervals: this particular one was about how media handled the suspected terrorist attack in Stockholm last week. Did I know about it? When did I learn about it? How did I learn about it?

What is my opinion of the reporting of the event in news media? Well, on the whole, it's been reasonable. I learnt what I think I needed to know: a stolen lorry drove through a large crowd of people on a business street in Stockholm. Four people, among them an eleven-year-old girl, died. There was some confusion to begin with, but that is to be expected.

What makes me a little uneasy is that the perspective feels off. Especially early on, the event was described as completely outstanding. It is so, but only if you compare it with "ordinary" violent crimes. When compared to actual acts of war or terror, there are far worse things going on.

I'm, actually not convinced -- yet -- that this should be considered an act of terrorism, but I suppose that's mostly a matter of definition. What I think is more important is that it's a crime, and it should be treated as such.

I also think it's worth pointing out, that this nasty act of whatever classification you prefer happened less than a week after another tragedy, a couple of hours from where I am. A school trip bus went off the road. Four kids died. The number of people in danger was certainly much higher in Stockholm, but I think that particular statistic was the same.
The Yearly Easter Choir Pile-Up is approaching -- or rather, it has started. It started this Sunday, to be precise. Ljungandalens kammarkör sang at the service, together with the two children's choirs. We were all very impressed by the kids.

There'll be three more services with choir in the coming week (Friday, Sunday and Monday). Also some lunches. And that's pretty much how I celebrate Easter.
The last snow is disappearing out there, and the lawn shows all those little bumps, that I think come because the frost makes things move somewhere deep down. I have started to clear out the greenhouse -- there's a lot of junk and broken glass in there.

Perhaps some tomatoes this year? And cucumber?


Apr. 5th, 2017 09:09 pm
I'm still on both LJ and DW for now. We'll see what happens next.
One disadvantage with all the daylight we have these days, is that you see things. For example, all the shrubbery that really needs to be cut down. It doesn't look that much from a distance, but when you have tried to walk through it, you know it's in the way.
Today was the day when the ground went from being mostly covered in ice, to being mostly not covered in ice. I think most of the ice disappeared in the storm.

And here I was thinking that we would skip the cough this time. There has been almost half a week when the cold has been almost over and done with, then it started tonight. There's a spot just inside my breastbone that *hurts*, and it's time to go to bed.

I hope it's better tomorrow.
I'm about to start a rewrite of Sedrion. Today I read a couple of scenes that I wrote around Christmas, and it struck me that the quality seems much better than what I have written in the last few weeks. Now I must remember that I haven't reread those sce4nes yet, and they might surprise me, but the feeling I have is that they are much less coherent.

Now I wonder: will this discrepancy make the rewrite easier or harder?
I drove to Sundsvall and back today. It's about an hour and a half each way. The reason for this was a meeting that took no more than an hour.

The archery district has actually solved the distance problem in a reasonable way: with video conferences. Some sit in Sundsvall, some in Östersund. I, of course is precisely in the middle of those two places, so I have to drive anyway.

At least I got some useful information about instructor training.
We saw the first episode of Game of Thrones. I'm not quite hooked, but I'm interested in how it goes on. The characters confused me slightly, but I suppose I'll get used to them. If nothing else, they'll be easier to keep apart once they separate...

This probably means that I have to finish the books.
One of the pharmacy chains in Sweden offers on-line pick-up. I can't help wondering...

I'm imagining a little hatch on my computer, next to the network cable.
I dyed my hair, again.

One of my friends said she thought I shouldn't dye it: she thinks grey hair is beautiful. I suppose that may be true, but I happened to like the colour it used to be, so I try to keep it like that. It's not that I'm getting my mother's lovely silver white.

More kids

Feb. 22nd, 2017 08:23 pm
I had another school visit at the archery club this week: this time from the school in Erikslund. Seven kids on Monday, and nine today, plus some teachers (or parents, I'm nor sure which) who wanted to give it a try too. I let them put marks on my arrows, and check how far into the wall they went. Then they put marks on their own arrows as well.

I think they had fun.
I like LilyPond better and better. Someone has made an effort into making good-looking music, but someone has also put some effort into making it work. Things -- bar numbers, song lyrics, you name it -- work the way you expect them to. And you can choose Postscript with a command-line switch!
I tried Lilypond today. It turned out to be a nice music score setter. Most things worked at once (not the headers, for some reason).

I did a little quick-and-dirty thing on Almqvist's "Varför kom du på ängen?" for two sopranos, and it looks a little "traditional". That makes sense, since they have tried to make it look like manually engraved music. I'll try it out some more.
I changed the bag in the vacuum machine. It seems that it had been longer than I thought since last time.

I'm really not very good at this cleaning thing. But it works better now! Much better.
This year's Spring Concert will be on the eleventh of June, and will involve no less than four choirs, since T has started a new one for children of about nine. Twelve girls, he says. He seems to enjoy it.

We always seem to end up not quite so well prepared as we would have liked, but at least we're making an early start with the new songs -- and some of the old ones as well.


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